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New FD Video by GER90

Young and passionate FD crew GER 90 who support IFDCO communication on all digital channels  have created a new and cool FD Video. Great job! Enjoy watching!  MARC GER172

Election / Reelection of General Committee Members

Dear FD sailors,

it’s time for the next elections / reelections of General Committee members.

Following positions are up for election at this year’s Annual General Committee Meeting (AGCM) at the Worlds in Scarlino, Italy:

  • President
  • Treasurer
  • VP Championships
  • VP Communications
  • VP Development

Please feel free to nominate any proper candidate who you think is the best person for one of the above position. Please be aware of the following procedure for the nominations for these positions which must be in accordance with our Bye Laws No.’s 6.6.5, 6.6.6 & 6.6.12:

6.6.5 Nominations for appointments to the Executive Committee shall be made in writing to the General Secretary at least three months before the commencement of an AGCM. Each nomination shall be proposed by five IFDCO members from at least three countries and shall indicate that the person nominated has confirmed their willingness to serve in accordance with the Byelaws.

6.6.6 On receipt of a valid nomination to fill a vacancy on the Executive Committee, the General Secretary shall post a notice on the IFDCO website, together with a short curriculum vitae supplied by the nominee. Within one month the General Secretary shall notify the IFDCO membership of a vote together with a deadline one month later, and shall then tally the votes and post the results prior to the AGCM.

“When an election is required by the Bye Laws it is to be conducted and concluded by a vote of all current IFDCO members present at the competitors meeting. The IFDCO General Secretary will act as the returning officer for the election and will advise the general committee of the result. The general committee shall then appoint the new members of the general committee in accordance with the IFDCO Foundation Rules.

6.6.12 The Vice President Development shall be nominated by IFDCO members who are not represented by the five Commodores.

All nominations along with correct number of proposers must be received by the General Secretary Meike Greten ( no later than Friday the 23rds June.

See you all in Scarlino.

Best regards

Meike Greten

IFDCO General Secretary

Market place and others

We have been heavily attackt within the last days so the homepage was down several times. We are working on it and the market place will be back soon. MARC GER172

FD Calendar 2017

titel_fd-kalender-2017_zwDear friends of the FD Class, after a one year break there is a new FD wall calendar for 2017!! We have produced the latest issue in cooperation with the IDFCO. The profit from selling this most beautiful calendar will go to smaller FD classes to support young teams and the promotion work of these classes. This year the profit will go to the Austrian FD class.
DIN A4 horizontal format with images from the 2016 WORLDS/Steinhude
Costs: 10 Euro/copy
shipping within Europe 5 Euro per order outside Europe costs in request

Deliveries starting end of November
For orders contact info((at))

Ordern now to have this great calendar under yours or your crew´s or your helm´s Christmas tree.

Best wishes
Philipp Zingerle and Marc Strittmatter

FD Forum

We have agreed with Sjors Riemslag to turn off the FD forum. It takes many hours and an enormous amount of effort and passion to run a forum! Many thanks to Sjors and his crew to run the forum for such a long time and for their great contribution to the FD community.
The IFDCO is very interested to hear your opinions about the development of the class and you are very welcome to contact us directly via email or via your new facebook site, to join the competitor´s hearings at Worlds or Euro-Championships. Discuss within your national class and forward your ideas via the National Secretary Meetings or even better get involved in the national or international class organizations ….

We will establish a buy and sell section on the homepage very soon and keep you posted about all the new and important news in FD sailing world.

MARC Strittmatter

VP Communications IFDCO