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FD Calendar 2017

titel_fd-kalender-2017_zwDear friends of the FD Class, after a one year break there is a new FD wall calendar for 2017!! We have produced the latest issue in cooperation with the IDFCO. The profit from selling this most beautiful calendar will go to smaller FD classes to support young teams and the promotion work of these classes. This year the profit will go to the Austrian FD class.
DIN A4 horizontal format with images from the 2016 WORLDS/Steinhude
Costs: 10 Euro/copy
shipping within Europe 5 Euro per order outside Europe costs in request

Deliveries starting end of November
For orders contact info((at))

Ordern now to have this great calendar under yours or your crew´s or your helm´s Christmas tree.

Best wishes
Philipp Zingerle and Marc Strittmatter

FD Forum

We have agreed with Sjors Riemslag to turn off the FD forum. It takes many hours and an enormous amount of effort and passion to run a forum! Many thanks to Sjors and his crew to run the forum for such a long time and for their great contribution to the FD community.
The IFDCO is very interested to hear your opinions about the development of the class and you are very welcome to contact us directly via email or via your new facebook site, to join the competitor´s hearings at Worlds or Euro-Championships. Discuss within your national class and forward your ideas via the National Secretary Meetings or even better get involved in the national or international class organizations ….

We will establish a buy and sell section on the homepage very soon and keep you posted about all the new and important news in FD sailing world.

MARC Strittmatter

VP Communications IFDCO

IFDCO on facebook

We have launched a new IFDCO facebook account which will keep you posted about important events, results and news thanks to Tim Wechsler and Bene Nagel GER90. MARC GER172

General Secretary IFDCO

As you all may remember Ed Cox is going to step back from his office as General Secretary. Meike Greten is nominated for this office, so here are some about her for all of you who don´t know Meike, yet:

Meike Greten, geb. Friedhoff, 36 years old, married with Tom Greten
Born in a sailing family, no optimist dinghy experience 😉
Started sailing in 1995 with 470, sailed from 1996 to 1999 as crew and helm 420, sailed many years Schwertzugvogel (and Kiel Week with Kielzugvogel), started FD sailing in 2012 with Tom in Altea for the European Championship and was immediately infected…. Bought a boat and sailed till our daughter Caya came in October 2015.
Did my trainer license in 1996-1998 (Trainer B) and took care of the Teeny Kader Niedersachsen from 1999-2003. Did a lot of trainings in Teeny and 420 class. Since 2011 I’m training the race officers in northern saxony.
I was chairman of Segler-Verein Großenheidorn for 4 years, worked many years as public relations person for the Schwertzugvogel class.
Jobwise I’m working for my own company with the focus on business process consulting, quality management, project management, software development, moderation and workshops. I worked for some software companies in Sales, Presales, Alliance Management and Project Management.
Currently I’m quite involved in all the organization of the World Championship 2016.

Many greetings

Updated FD Byelaws 2016

Here are the updated Byelaws 2016. MARC GER172