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nominations needed

By tomorrow evening the term of nominating yourself as a IFDCO- board member to expires. So with less then 48 hours to go we once again advertise the vacant job’s: President, treasurer, vp-championships and vp-communications. It is heart-breaking to see that only one new name has popped up for vp-communications – Marc Strittmacher from Germany -. For vp-championships – Jan Lechler – and president – Ronald Stalman – we have two existing board members who want to for fill the duties attached to the job. But for treasurer no name surfaced – by now – to take over from Fred Schaaf. Read how to get yourself nominated by clicking the read more button …..

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Our VP-Technical, Peter Hinrichsen, signaled the message by email that the ISAF has approved and published the 2012 FD class rules.