10 boats have registered so far for the Worlds in Santa Cruz. Registering before the 1st of June (2012) means you get the special price for container shipping. We post the 18th of April offer one more time. On the 1st of June we will list the boats that have entered and receive the special shipping treatment.

Container costs for your boat for the roundtrip to Santa Cruz will be € 750 if you enter the FD WORDLS 2012 before 1st of June 2012. So if you are sure you want to make the trip sign in today on the 2012 Worlds official website www.fdworlds2012.org. The fee is based on a container loaded with 6 boats. The loading places will be as convenient as possible for everyone who is going to travel to Santa Cruz. The entry list will be Frank Nooijen his guide to suggest where containers will go for loading for the Santa Cruz trip. Our container captain will communicate the places of loading and unloading as soon as possible.

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