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Eurocup 2011 winners 0 (0)

The Eurocup 2011 is won by Frank Nooijen and Ronald Stalman in the NED 18, who competed in 3 out of 5 events together. Ronald Stalman even competed in a fourth event with another steer.

They are followed shortly by Kurt Prenzler and Wolfgang Höft/Hans-Albert König in the GER 66 and Kai Schaefers and Alexander Gary/Andreas Happich/ P. Hollender in theGER 88.


2012 UK Nationals updated information 0 (0)

Tony Lyall just provided the UK-nationals with additional information.

This info is attached in the events calendar.


On-site Measurement management 2012 0 (0)

(reposted from the old website)


It was a pleasure to be able to Regatta Inspect 131 FD’s at Melcesine on Lake Garda, I had thought that numbers over 120 were a thing of the past, but not so, you guys managed to drag yourselves from just about everywhere. No doubt you were egged on by the lure of Lago di Garda and all the history, sunshine, wind and Ice Cream ( Sorry, Gelato) that is on offer there. The conditions for Regatta Inspection were less than perfect, even though the setting and views were superb. We could not provide you with a double line for inspection, much as I would have liked to. Your patience and good humour as well as our Italian measurers and the newly recruited ladies saved the day and we got you all done within the time allocated. Good work all round, both from the Regatta Inspection Team and all of you guys.

In Altea we will have more space, I am told, and will be able to run a double line, because I have, at present, no real idea how many of you there will be. Various folk have suggested that because the Santa Cruz Worlds are when and where they are then they will be attending only one regatta , not two. Thus it is possible and quite probable that we will get 60 or 70 boats, perhaps more, at Altea ( with two days to Regatta Inspect them) and perhaps 45 to 50 boats in Santa Cruz ( with two days to Regatta Inspect them) as well. 

Consequently, I will need your co-operation at both locations because we will be working hard to get all the boats done quickly and accurately at Altea, and in Santa Cruz, the organisers have arranged for there to be Practice Races on both Regatta Inspection days, which could mean we don’t have two days for inspection at all, but something like 8 hours. 

Obviously, I don’t want to stop you boys and girls from going racing on the Pacific, why else would you be there, so we will aim to arrange to start Regatta Inspection the day before. The aim being, of course, to get you all out there on the Bright Blue Pacific Ocean as much as we can. 

The usual Caveats apply, if you have been out there splashing about and present a wet boat for inspection, you can’t expect me to allow you to take corrector weights out of your “wet” boat. Well, you might expect it, but it won’t happen. Our American Friends, under the eagle eye of Paul Hemker will have organised Regatta Inspection before we get there, so for once, I probably won’t have to spend a day getting everything ready for you guys. 

Obviously, YOU will have carefully prepared your boats before popping them in the Container, all your coloured bands will be in the right places, your lead correctors will be fitted as per the measurement form and your centreboard and rudder will be the correct profile and the correct weight, excellent. ( Message for Big Frank, let Ronald put your boat through Regatta Inspection, it works better).

Catherine and I are looking forward to working with you all at both locations. A word of advice, Paul H is Mr Big in Santa Cruz, he is much tougher than me, he believes in Zero tolerance, behave yourselves.

John Best, Chief Measurer IFDCO

Happy New Year 1 (1)

The IFDCO board members wish all our Flying Dutchman friends and fans a fantastic sailing season 2012.

We like to see you all in ALTEA where we will start celebrating our 60th anniversary.

Worlds 2013 dates published 0 (0)

The proposed dates of the 2013 World are published today in the event section.