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FD equipment review 2011 0 (0)

Richard Philips has prepared a Review of Equipment used at the FD World Championship 2011 on Lake Garda together with an analysis of the ages, heights and weights of the FD helm and crew who participated. This Review is for the benefit of FD sailors and IFDCO as a tribute to Cle’s work and as part of my contribution to the 60th Anniversary of the Class. FD GBR 377


2012 UK-Nationals 0 (0)

Final NOR and entry form now published in the event section.

Bulletin 157; Russia 0 (0)

Postal services have returned the Russian sent Bulletins to the editors. We like to have an email from the Russian national secretary where to sent them to next time (or from someone responsible). Issue 157 will not be reposted. A digital copy (without the centre page) is available on the website. Please respond to

2012 the year of JB 0 (0)

We’ve just found out that our, Flying Dutchman, chief measurer John Best will be mister BIG at the Vintage Yachting Games.

Class rule 29 0 (0)

Peter Hinrichsen and Durk Zandstra have studied class rule 29. They are proposing a small change. Here’s their posting on this issue.

158 Flying Dutchman Keel line and stem