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In July the 2nd VintageYachtingGames will be sailed at lake Como. Jan Lechler gave us a short story in Bulletin 157. But after being in the boat-park at Altea we thought we had to do an interview with the VYG chairman to give us all more information about this event.

158 VYG Rudy den Outer interview PDF


Container costs for your boat for the roundtrip to Santa Cruz will be € 750 if you enter the FD WORDLS 2012 before 1st of June 2012. So if you are sure you want to make the trip sign in today on the 2012 Worlds official website The fee is based on a container loaded with 6 boats. The loading places will be as convenient as possible for everyone who is going to travel to Santa Cruz. The entry list will be Frank Nooijen his guide to suggest where containers will go for loading for the Santa Cruz trip. Our container captain will communicate the places of loading and unloading as soon as possible.


As discussed in Malcesine and at the latest GM-meeting the Scuttlebut contract will end on contract expiration date (June 2013). We ask all National Organization the notice this fact and take action. If we need to help out, or if you want your page posted by our new hosting firm please contact our VP-communication.

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Latest news on the 2012 VintageYachtingGames: With 132 entries so far the fleet is already increased by 275%. On Lake Como with such a fleet the feeling and atmosphere will bring back the memories of the Olympic days of the 60’s and 70’s. The organization is proud that so many countries adopted and embraced the VYG initiative.For places to stay please visit

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Thursday April 5th the competitors meeting took place. It turned out to be one of the best meetings of the last 5 years (according to JB). All the attendants added something to the discussion and it turned out that we all agreed on that the boot park rules the class but has the IFDCO management to act for them. The management only can say: ‘Thanks for your engagement’. We’ll look forward to work with and for you sailors.