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FD WORLDS 2012 @MEDIA 0 (0)

The FD-worlds is also picked up by the media. Richard Phillips and all others are pushing the messages to them and with success. Here are some examples/links

Yachts and Yachting (English) ; Segelreport (German)

Worlds 2012 last day 0 (0)

After a tough battle GER88 is now 2nd in the overall, provisional, result. Having said that the GER-88  is still not save in 2nd spot. Position 2 and 3 are divided  by just 1 point with the NED26.

So the 9th race has still a battle at hand for the final podium standings.

HUN70 2012 world champions 5 (1)

Though it is still provisional it is clear that the HUN70, Szabolcs Majthényi & András Domokos , put another jewel to their world championship crown. They are the 2012 World Champions after a tough battle with the GER-88.

Worlds 2012 day 7 0 (0)

Finally race 7 and 8 are sailed. Going out with a little wind race 7 was sailed with winds increasing to 12 knots. Joint leaders HUN70 knew what they had to do and they did it, winning race 7. GER-88 ended up being 4th. So the odds for them were changing. Other result race 7; 2nd NZL111, 3rd NED26, 5th ITA4 and 6th GER113. The wind increased to 18 knots and most of the competitors changed from clew 1 to clew 2. In race 8 the NED26 took the lead and going in to the last upwind beat the first four boats, NED26, HUN70, GER88 and GER113, held their positions to the finish line. The battle for 5th and 6th continued and the pack behind the 4 leaders changed positions during the last beat. At the finish line GER-100 took 5th place and NZL111 6th. This was the second race with more normal conditions in the bay area.

Worlds 2012 day 6 0 (0)

The FD-sailors in Santa Cruz are getting used to it. Races postponed in the morning and the lacking of wind. Unfortunately this day the wind took a day of. So the reserve day comes in to play. More later ….