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Worlds 2012 day 5 0 (0)

This is what happened when we were sleeping in Santa Cruz. It’s still not gusting like it normally does in Santa Cruz. Starting with 6 knots wind, gaining a little, but then fading winds again for the heavy crews it must be very disappointing. With 1 discard the HUNs settled the leader board  by taking the lead. It’s still a tie in the lead with GER-88, but ….. Let’s see what day 6 will bring and if day 6 is already decider day. The NED341 is still in the field, but we are not sure if Durk is still aboard. More later …..    159 Worlds webreport day 5 PDF

NED341 retired? 4 (1)

Through Niels Kamphuis the Dutch home crowd is updated every day with a story for the Dutch-Bulletin. We got the sad message that during a race-incident in race 3 Durk Zandstra was seriously insured and broke a couple of ribs. The incident took place on the finish line with the AUT22. For the NED341 team the 2012 Championship looks to be over. The NED341 sailed a 6th place in race one and was 15th overall. We wish Durk a fast recovery.

Worlds 2012 day 4 0 (0)

Now we are up to date again. Here’s the report on day 4.  159 Worlds webreport day 4

Worlds 2012 day 3 0 (0)

The time glitch struck the webmaster yesterday. So he could not publish the story on the 3rd day when the Championship really started rolling. Playtime was over now. Light wind conditions still. Postponed races but in race 4 it all changed. Most FD’s where flying their genoa’s on the second clew. Read all about it on the special worlds website or at the Bulletin webpage of the day.      159 Worlds webreport day 3

GER-88 LEADS WORLDS 2012 0 (0)

After 4 races being completed the championship is valid. Leaders after day 1 and the first 2 races are still after day 2 and now 4 races sailed GER-88 (Kay-Uwe Luedtke and Kai Schaeffers). For full results after 4 races click on the link