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On the 14th of September Frank texted us that the 4 European containers have been x-rayed by the US customs. On the 15th the containers were realesed. Planned delivery at the SCYC is set for today, tuesday 18th, at 9:00 hours. Please take good care of other ones belongings while unpacking.

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Information for all Worlds attendants.

The following is some preliminary information the Regatta Chairman wanted to share with you all before your arrival:

  • Parking at the regatta site is not free.  SCYC will provide a welcome desk to sell parking permits ($5/day) during registration.  Permits will be available for those arriving prior to registration.
  • Keys that provide access to docks, restrooms, and showers will be available.  Each key requires an $80 cash deposit which will be refunded when the key is returned.
  • The SCYC showers will be open (free) during the regatta.
  • There will be no additional charge for tent camping at the event.  Tent camping will be on the grassy area adjacent to the restrooms and space is limited.  Tents must be moved every other day to keep from killing the grass.  If you plan to camp in a tent, please respond to me by Friday, September 7 so space can be planned.
  • If anyone plans to stay in an RV, camper, etc., that will require parking space, daily charges will apply.  Please respond to me by Friday, September 7 if you plan to park a camper on the regatta grounds so daily charges can be determined.
  • Note, there is limited free street parking within walking distance of the regatta grounds.