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KAI SCHAEFERS; sportsman of the year? 0 (0)

If you want him to be the sportsman of the year in his Hometown please vote for him on this web address. You have to vote for a sportswoman and team as well to complete the voting system. Kai’s father will give the ones who will participate on the Trapezregatta 13-14 April 2013 free beer on the Saturday evening. If Kai wins the contest.

Worlds 2014 Largs date set 0 (0)

Now the date is finally set the Worlds 2014 are inserted into the event calendar.

yes, we can … 0 (0)

For all IFDCO-members. The once who received the Bulletin 159 already could read the story by Peter Hinrichsen about the bye laws. Change is gonna come and on page 7 en 8 of the Bulletin PFH summarized the changes  (159 Bey-laws change ). The changed bye-laws will be published on 12-12-2012.

bulletin 159 distributed 0 (0)

On wednesday 28th of November Sportservice Noord-Holland distributed Bulletin 159. If you don’t receive your copy within the next days/weeks please inform the editor by email. Have fun reading …