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Once again IFDCO’s see the NO’s plan their National Championship-events without any kind of dialogue with each other. In 2013 multiple National-events are colliding or planned shortly to one another. For 2013 it looks like there are no possibilities to solve this problem, but it would be a good thing for NO’s to inform each other about dates and help each other out in the best possible way to have maximum attendants. It’s in the best interest for the class.

60 years FD-book 0 (0)

Many people are asking for a 60 year FD-book. We are willing to start the project but we need 200 in advance sales (book will cost $ 99,-) to start the project, estimated delivery of the book April 2015. If you want to order a book mail to You will receive order confirmation and payment info once we’ve received your email. (Sample) london-portrait-of-city-taschen-15

additional (countries-)website 0 (0)

By closing down scuttlebutt we know there could be a problem for small countries to continue website-services. Therefor Tony Lyall (VP-development) and Ronald Stalman (VP-communications) have put up the idea to launch (on the IFDCO server) an additional website for those countries (like: Brazil, Chile, France, Poland, Portugal, Sweden). We’ll get back to this subject on short notice …..

new website launch 0 (0)

The Dutch launched their new website yesterday. With the new cms they are using it is updated for mobile devices as well. Take a look yourselves …..

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Last Bulletin was 2 pages less then normal because I was short on stories and time. If you all want to receive the Bulletin in the future help/support is needed at least with sending stories or event reports. Editing will end end of December 2013. So if you’ve got something to share mail us your story.