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Here – as well in the Event Section – the NOR2015FDworlds of the 2015 Worlds is posted today.

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This article was published by the biggest tabloid in the Netherlands – De Telegraaf – in their watersport section de Vaarkrant ….

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Last weekend the NFDO sailed the Dutch Open – OKK -. Under light wind circumstances the serie was sailed. 7 out of the 9 races have been completed. On day 1 the ITA 4 showed why they bought a new boat. The finished 1st 3 times. On day 2 misfortune hit the van for Nicola & Francesco and the ended up with 2 dsq’s forced by protests from the NED 26 in both races. So their aspirations of gaining the Dutch title were gone. Sunday morning a very light wind between 2-6 knots hit the Sneekermeer and the pack sailed race one. Later in the afternoon the 7th and last race was completed. Ned 26 won the serie followed closely by the NED 25 and the GER 113 in 3rd place. See all results here ….

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By the end of the week the entry date will be closed. If you still want to come to the Dutch Open and the celebrations of the 60s anniversary of the Dutch NO enter as soon as possible.  – Gijs van Daal, president NFDO –

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To get the fleet up to 50 boats we decided to extend the late entry fee date till the 10th of May. And we count on all of you that we will get the fleet up till that number of boats. So for the last time: “Dear members to support the fleet in the UK we want you to enter their World Championship in Largs. The sailing club Largs has been chosen the best organizing committee in 2012. The venue is fantastic, everything is taken care of. Housing in the neighborhood, big campervan space on the dock site and so on. We know the English travel on the wrong side of the road. And we know they won’t admit that. But let us support Tony and his team to the max. So change your mind and take some time of in Schotland. The home of whiskey, golf and for us sailing. I would like our numbers op to 50 by the end of next week, I am counting on you! Don’t ask the IFDCO what they can do for you, show them what you are going to do !”    Jan Lechler – VP Championship –