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russian fleet news – update – 0 (0)

This email was forwarded by our VP-Championships Jan Lechler. The Russian fleet sailing in Sewestopol the venue spoken of for a worlds.

Update the event was captured on video and uploaded to youtube. The website Rusyachting promotes the FD-class as well.

2014 worlds 0 (0)

The webmaster just returned from the 2014 Worlds in Largs and notifies all of you that all news on the 2014 Worlds is on the special website. Click here to get all info. If you didn’t know already the HUN70 came first, followed by NED26 and ITA4. More on the worlds in the next Bulletin.

woodie worlds 2015? 0 (0)

Posted on the forum we spotted the initiative to organize a Flying Dutchman World Championship for old wooden fd’s. If you like this proposal and want to attend please leave your boot number and message on the forum. The webmaster will ask the initiator to announce his plans. Where and when and what the deadline for the go ahead will be. More to come ….