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Winners will be Grinners!

The winners of the upcoming Flying Dutchman World Championships in 2015 at the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron will undoubtedly be glad they trained hard and made the trip. Not only are they sailing from one of the best locations in world sailing, but they will also be rewarded by the latest sponsor with a beautiful Bausele Yachting watch each. Flying Downunder 2015 and the Australian Flying Dutchman Association are excited to be launching a new partnership with this fantastic new Australian watch brand.

Bausele – short for ‘beyond Australian elements’, each watch has elements of Australia in its crown – red earth, coal and beach sand, inspired by this great Southern Land, and made with Swiss precision movements.  To celebrate the partnership (and just in case you might not quite be in contention to win the Worlds) Bausele are offering FD (and other sailors!) the opportunity to buy online with a 15% discount at and then enter the promo code: FDSYD15 watches


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The decision on the young team for Sydney fell last. In the pot were ultimately still GER 222 Felix Albert/Luke Merz and GER 2 Max Jambor/Kevin Guenther. The application of ITA 78 was whit-drawn.
A reasonably fair decision could only determined by lot, Laura Klatt from YCBG played the Los Fee and ultimately drew the lucky winners. Both are pleased to pass on the huge opportunity for the Worlds 2015 in Sydney.

Both teams are of course already been informed of the decision .
To ensure that no questions arise , the draw was – of course – captured on video.

VP-Championship Jan Lechler GER100

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On the 29th of September we published the fact that we needed nominations before the end of September.  To maximise the opportunities for all members to nominate for vacant positions and to encourage representations from all the main FD countries the IFDCO General Committee decided to extend the period for nominations up to the end of October 2014.

At present the IFDCO General Secretary has received nominations for each vacant position, including Ronald Stalman and Tony Lyall for President; Peter Van Koppen for Treasurer and Mark Strittmatter for VP Communications.

In accordance with the Bye-Law procedure published previously there will be a vote for each position at the competitors forum in Sydney, and it is possible for IFDCO members who cannot attend to send a proxy (verified by their national secretary) with someone attending the Sydney worlds. For further details click here for the link to the earlier post on how to proceed for a valid nomination and the voting procedure.

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Dear National Secretaries,

On behalf of the IFDCO General Committee I am wiring to advise that sponsored (i.e. free shipping to and from Sydney from Europe) is being offered to suitable youth teams to compete at the Upcoming Sydney Worlds in January 2015.  By youth we have in mind under 30 (approximately) and otherwise unable to afford to attend.   In essence these are the spare spots in existing containers bound for Sydney. On behalf of the Sydney organisers of the Worlds I can offer such youth teams free billet accommodation in Sydney with local sailors (again free accommodation).  So just need to pay entry, flight, food and maybe some beer in Sydney. This is part of an initiative to encourage more youth participation and build the FD fleet for the future. Could you please advise any suitable youth teams and have them contact me and Jan Lechler with their interest urgently.  This request is to be made in the next 7 days as the arrangement for the container must be finalised urgently.  Space is limited, so they must contact Jan and I to make the arrangements.  If many teams apply we will make  determination on who is in the greatest need.


 Edward Cox


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Frank Nooijen today confirmed Sydney transportation dates! See his full statement enclosed in this 162 Sydney transport date. For transportation purposes you need to fill out this at a list. The dates are set for Tuesday 28th of October for Hungary and Italy. 29th of October for Berlin. So if this is your preferred place of loading put the date in your agenda/schedule. Loding in Oss will be at Saturday the 1st of November. Note: For now no one is known by Frank as going to Sydney. So everybody has to make his announcement by email to Frank as from today. Please enclose directly in your email your ATA-carnet. This will make things easier on Frank.