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As published in Bulletin 162 hereby the page of the 162 Bulletin Eurocup dates. We will update all event dates in the event section at the start of January.

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Dear Competitors,
There are going to be some slight changes to Regatta Inspection in Sydney. We are going to be continuing the process that we began at Largs , when we added a bit to the normal Regatta Inspection Process in order to answer a query from one of the manufacturers of FD’s who was querying whether FD’s changed shape with time and usage, and also to allow us to check the measurements against the published measurement forms. Press read more for the full story …..

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If it all goes as planned the new build Australian FD¬†will be sailed in 3 weeks time. Read the full story on the FDWorlds blog. Everything going on in Australia and what’s up on the Sydney Worlds 2015 is posted there.