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National Secretary Meeting in Steinhude 0 (0)

Please see Tony Lyall´s invitation and agenda for the National Secretary Meeting on Tuesday, May 24th at the Steinhude Worlds. MARC GER172

FD Worlds 2017 in Italy! 0 (0)

We are very happy to announce that Italy will host the 2017 Worlds in the Marina di Scarlino in September 2017. The exact date will follow. Here are first impressions and informations. Jan Lechler VP Championship

Latest Change of Rules Documentation 0 (0)

Here are the latest documents:[20425].pdf[20424].pdf

Only change from previous version is the new rule 72 has been deleted and the wording of Rule 70 changed ever so slightly.


Worlds – Measurement and IFDCO Membership 0 (0)

Due to the fact that a large number of boats have to go through measurement in a very limited time here are very detailed informations about the process. Please follow all instructions closely and we will have more fun on land and water!
After the final date of registration we had to learn that more than 20 (!) sailors are still not member of the IFDCO. Please contact your national secretary and become a IFDCO member. You will not be able to compete without being a IFDCO member. And there is no possibility to gain a membership on the day of registration, except for sailors from countries without national classes. MARC GER172

IFDCO – Youth Grants 0 (0)

It is very pleasing to hear that there are now a number of young people who have started to sailing in the Flying Dutchman.
We on the General Committee recognise just how important this is for the Classes future and so we must do what we can to support them, especially in attending our major championships, where the cost of entry, travel and accommodation often can be prohibitively expensive.
We therefore want to remind all those under the age of 25 that they can apply to IFDCO for a Youth Grant.
The criteria for Grant Applications for the World Championships in Steinhude are as follows:-
• Both Helmsmen & Crews can apply for a grant
• Be under 25 years of age on the 23rd May 2016 (Published date for 1st Race)
• Be a current Member of IFDCO
• All recipients of a grant agree to write a short article for the International Bulletin and/or the website
• Complete the attached application form and e-mail it to Peter Van Koppen the IFDCO Treasurer at least 7 days prior to the event.
Please spread the word about these grants and I look forward to see as many of you as possible in Steinhude in May

Tony Lyall
President IFDCO