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FD EuroCup 2018 final results 0 (0)

Congratulations to Alex Antrecht GER 30 with his crews Michael Schiermann and Christian Kujan winning the EuroCup 2018. Second became GER 177 Sascha and Alexander Schröder. Third CZE 21 Jiri Hruby and Roman Houdek. The price giving will be at the 2019 European Championship at Lake Balaton. Full results will be published in the FD Bulletin which will be out very soon.

FD Class Portugal on facebook 5 (1)

The Portuguese FD Class is now on Facebook. If want to know more about FD sailing in Portugal or even join the class follow the Portuguese Fleet here on Facebook  or get in touch with National FD Class Secretary Rafael Paraíso.


Nominations 0 (0)

Dear Flying Dutchman Class members!


As you all know Tony Lyall did step down as the President of the class

at the AGCM in Medemblik.


The process for a new nomination was opened on the 25th of January 2018.

As no nominations came in until the 1st of April we silently waited for new ones.

At the  AGCM in Medemblik we still hadn’t received any.

As we do not currently have a President Meike Greten – Secretary and Peter van Koppen -Treasurer- take over the tasks of the President ad interim.

Therefore it was decided at the AGCM to open a new period of six months as required for nominations starting the 1st of January 2019.

So please feel free to nominate any proper candidate who you think is the best person to be the new President of the IFDCO.

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