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Flying Dutchmann Czech Championship 2020 Nechranice – Entry Form 0 (0)

Please find the entry form for the Czech Championship 2020 here:

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Philipp Buhl – FD Sailor is World Champion 2020 in Laser Standard Class! 5 (2)

How long has it been since the German anthem was played in honor of an (Olympic) German sailor? 20 years. It was time.

Philipp Buhl won the World Championship of the Laser class.

By the way, if you don’t know that: Philipp spent a little time in the optimist as a child … but he learned to sail as his father Friedl’s crew in the FD. As a 12-year-old he was like a one in the trapeze. Later he fought with the now FD sailing Max (Jambor), Niels (Hermann), Lukas (Merz) and Felix (Albert) and went to Kiel as the best of this year …
He still owns an FD.

Rolf Albert

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German Laser sailor Philipp Buhl put together an exemplary scorecard to win the 2020 ILCA Standard Men’s World Championship by 12 points.Buhl recorded four straight wins during qualifying and finished with just one double-figure score – a 10th in the penultimate race, which he was able to discard.

After being showered with champagne by his supporters on the beach, Buhl said it was hard to describe the winning feeling. “The week just happened,” he said. “When I got the two firsts on the second day, that gave me good momentum, but I knew anything could happen up until the second race today (when he knew he was unable to be beaten). I had good first beats, good downwind speed. It all came together for me this week.

“I’ve come close to a world championship a few times before. It’s so incredibly hard to make it happen. I think the Laser is the hardest class to win a World Championship. I’m just so happy!”