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Regatta dedicated to 70 years anniversary of “Flying Dutchman International” 4.7 (7)

A regatta dedicated to the 70th anniversary of “Flying Dutchman International” class was held in July in Moscow, Russia.

“It’s been very still and hot recently in Moscow. There was a risk that we will have to cancel the regatta because of lack of wind. Luckily a cold front with wind came on Saturday which allowed us to hold four races” – said Head of the Racing Committee of the Regatta Anatoly Kondakov.

The regatta attracted the attention of Moscow FD sailors. 13 boats out of 16 rigged boats arrived at the starting line. Wind was slowly picking up all morning reaching 5-7 m/s in the first race and over 10 m/s in other races. “We had spectacular races: capsizing, floating and jumping over waves left by wake board tag boats – all this kept us busy & happy all day” – said the winner of the regatta Andrey Novoderezhkin.

The next race day everything went back to the initial scenario: there was no wind and after three hours of sunbathing and swimming at the starting line the regatta was declared over and all participants paddled to the club for prize giving ceremony. This year for the first time we introduced a special prize for locally produced and fully wooden boats – “Classic” Boats Prize – to motivate owners of the older boats to come to the starting line. The prize was won by Alexey Prosvirov and Georgy Klepach.


Dmitry Novoderezhkin