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Registration process for the Flying Dutchman World Championship 2023 in Gdynia 5 (2)

Dear Flying Dutchman Sailors,

due to the difficulties you are experiencing with the registration in our system for the Flying Dutchman World Championship 2023 in Gdynia, we would like to take the initiative to support you with your registration, and make it way easier for you.

We are therefore setting up a standby service during which we will be able to help you.

Please send us your e-mails ( with details which will enable us to create your accounts and registration for the regatta and confirmation of payment (data below).

Registration data:

1. Skipper’s full name

2. Skipper’s e-mail address

3. Skipper’s date of birth

4. Skipper’s country of origin

5. Crew member full name

6. Crew member email address

7. Crew member date of birth

8. Crew member country of origin

9. Sail numer

10. Invoice details if its needed.

Payments will be made by traditional bank transfer to the Polish Yachting Association account.

Bank transfer details:


Beneficiary full address: AL. KS.J.PONIATOWSKIEGO 1; 03-901 WARSZAWA; POLSKA


Bank full address: ul. GRZYBOWSKA 53/57 ; 00-950 WARSZAWA; POLSKA

IBAN: PL 88 1240 6218 1978 0010 6233 0928


Due to the whole procedure, we are extending the application period with a basic entry fee of 450 EUR from 1st to 20th of June 2023.

We are waiting for your emails ( before 20th of June.

What’s important we will extend time for early entry fee June (€ 450) till 20 of June 2023.

If you would like to visit Gdynia by camper, please send us information by this form:

Thank you, we can’t wait to see you, have a great event and celebration!

Best regards,

The PYA crew


Dear FD sailors;

Our friends for Poland had requested our help for those who want to attend in campers. Please fill out this form if you are planning on going:


Many thanks!!


FD SPANISH CUP 2023 5 (1)

From Friday, May 5 to Sunday, May 7, the Spanish Cup of Flying Dutchman was celebrated in Altea. With fewer boats than normally, a total of 6 were ready to race some sleeves that were fun but very demanding.

The first day the wind was low with an intensity of about 6-7 knots that were a challenge for the sailors. It was the pair formed by Jose Sánchez and Carlos Gastaldi (ESP90) who took the lead at the end of the day after making two first places and a third. The ESP66 of the Enriques Egea also curdled a great performance with two second places and a fourth. The crew formed by Ginés Romero and Javier Cayuela (ESP6) was placed in second place with a first place in the first round.

Saturday was very hard with winds of up to 16 knots and waves that made the boats fly but the sailors had to give everything to squeeze their boats to the maximum. The big winners of the day were Juan Egea and Jerry Vinkestein (ESP-1), who won two races and were second in another. Meritorious was also the performance of the debutant as skipper Pablo Egea with his brother Guzmán as crew (ESP11) who got a second place after leading the sleeve a part of it. The ESP6 after winning the last round was provisional leader and left everything to say on Sunday.

Sunday dawned raining and promised little margin to decide a race that was very tight. Only one leg could be contested with very low winds of about 4 knots. After a rough start the ESP90 managed to win after beating the ESP66 by the minimum and thus managed to win the sleeve. The ESP-11 took third place.  This gave the title to the ESP90 in a deserved and very meritorious way after overcoming Saturday’s results.

The final classification was as follows:

  1. ESP90 Jose Sánchez and Carlos Gastaldi
  2. ESP6 Ginés Romero and Javier Cayuela
  3. ESP1 Juan Egea and Jerry Vinkestein

As always, many thanks to the Nautical Club of Altea for the organization and to the beacons and regatta director for their excellent work.

The spanish FD fleet will meet again in Torrevieja for the regional championship and then in Altea for the Yuasa cup before leaving for Poland for the world championship.



Written by Guzmán Egea ESP11

Nomination Juan Ignacio Egea Moreno as Vice Presisdent Development Flying Dutchman Class 5 (4)

Dear sailors!
I would like to inform you that the procedure of the nomination of Juan Ignacio Egea Moreno for the position of Vice President Development has been started a few weeks ago.
Juan has been sailing the Flying Dutchman for quite some time now with great involvement and enthusiasm for the class together with his suns Juan and Guzman. He is a great promotor and well respected person in the class especially in Spain.
So we are happy that he would like to take the position of VP Development and his great business experience and skills in the english language make him an excellent person for the position.
Personally I strongly support his nomination for the position and hope he will get the support of the whole class once his nomination is effected.
Peter van Koppen
IFDCO President