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Worlds 2024 in St. Petersburg, USA 4.4 (7)

Dear FD-sailors!

In a committee meeting on 16-2-2023 the IFDCO has decided to appoint the St. Petersburg Yacht Club to host and organize the Flying Dutchman World Championship 2024.
It was not an easy decision in regard to the prices to ship the boats by container to St. Petersburg. This issue has been on the committees mind for the last 6 months. We have been monitoring the container prices constantly.
The St. Petersburg Yacht Club needed a decision in order to have enough time to organize the  Championship. At this moment the prices for a round trip from the Netherlands to St. Petersburg are about € 2.100. The prices of container shipping are going down slightly. We realize that it still is a lot of money and in order to emphasize teams to go to St. Petersburg the IFDCO has also decided to support every team with € 400 to go to the Worlds.
We think it is very important to keep our tradition up to go out of Europe every 4 years as we are a worldwide class. This is also a very important signal to World Sailing. Also we want to join the Flying Dutchman sailors from the western part of the World in good competition. We hope to see
sailors from the US,Canada maybe Mexico and Chile?

We do realize that for ‘younger’ teams it will be difficult to raise the money for such an event. We will try to find some extra support for them but also feel that because of this reason we cannot say no to a Worlds
outside of Europe.

Kind regards

Peter van Koppen
President IFDCO

Worlds 2023 NOR online 5 (2)

Dear FD-Sailors,

please find attached the Notice of Race (NOR) for our Worlds in Gdynia, Poland.

Registration opens on 1st of March 2023.

See you in Poland.

>> NOR 2023 Gdynia

POL & ESP events 2023 added 5 (2)

We just added the events of Poland and Spain to the events calender 2023.


Dearest Flying Dutchman-sailors!

I wish you all a happy,prosperous and healthy 2023!
I hope you had a nice Christmas time with your family and friends and had a fine New Years Eve!

Another year has passed. We all felt that Covid was a big obstruction to our normal life and are all happy that the worst is over. It would have been nice if all would have been back to ‘normal’!
But another disaster struck the World. The war in the Ukrain with all its consequences. I really do not understand why this is happening in the actual period of human civilization. It has a
great effect on our minds and also economically! Let’s hope it will be over soon!

So let’s not forget when we are sailing our Flying Dutchman what a great feeling of joy and freedom it gives to us! Let’s realize how valuable these moments are also sharing this time with our friends!
We again had this great feeling at the Worlds in Campione. What a great event a World Championship always is!

So IFDCO is making all the preparations for the next Worlds in Gdynia Poland. At the end of July we should have great weather and I heard from sailors who were at the Gdynia Sailing Week last year it seems to be a beautiful place with good racing.

Furthermore we are sorting out the issue for the containers and their prices for the Worlds in Florida planned for March 2024. We will make a decision in March of this year if the Championship will take place in the US.
The Bulletin will be presented soon. We hoped to get it ready before Christmas of last year but I regret that we did not make that date.

We will also present to you probably in february a new rewritten Class Rule 115 about pumping. At the last Worlds we had quite a few problems with it. The now existing rule leads to confusion with the jury. So we will have to rewrite it and clearify what we want from it as the Flying Dutchman Class!

Kind regards

Peter van Koppen

FD communication 5 (7)

Dear FD sailors 


I hope you are all good wherever you are right now and that the ones that went to the Worlds were able to return back home safely. Please I need your help for 3 simple things: 


First, as I explained in the competitors hearing, I’m on the making of a FD sailing pictures and videos stock, so any picture or video you have, and you would like for us to have if you could send it to me via email or we transfer or any way you like would be very nice. Please note this will be used for social media and for different purposes. 

Second, it would be very important for the class to have all the regattas posted. This shows that we are an active class and will help gather new sailors. For this to happen, I would need a contact of a designated person for each country. That way he/she can send me the pictures and the chronicle so it could be posted on the IFDCO website, social media and in the bulletin. We plan on doing a bulletin for 2022 but I wont be possible if we dont have a certain number of reports to do it. 

Finally, if you have any account on social media that posts about FD, please get in contact with me so I can repost your posts and I can make sort of a database so we can make things together. 


Thanks a lot for your collaboration. Take care!! 


BTW my email is and my phone number +34 680676615 


Guzmán Egea Aguado ESP-11