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IFDCO App News 5 (1)

Dear FD-sailors,

we updated our IFDCO App. You can now receive push-notifications as soon as there are new posts on the national websites. You can manage the push-notifications in the menu “Push-Settings”. There are not all nations online right now, but we are working on it.

We also added a category “Worlds” where you can find all necessary information regarding our World Championship.

In the section “Contact” we will add the contact details of all national secretaries.

Hope to see you in Italy for our Worlds – you can now register online.

Greetings, Meike


PlanaTech FD 4.5 (2)

Dear FD sailors,

I am writing to inform you that planatech FDs are no longer produced and that I will no longer be able to produce them because my working life has profoundly changed.

I left the PlanaTech company and took care of transferring to me the ownership of the molds, equipment and intellectual property of the project.

The whole package, given the very high standards of construction and design, can be considered as a “turn-key project” that will easily allow everyone to replicate exactly the boats as I have always built them.

When I designed the new FD long ago and built the first boats I hope to have brought a very important evolutionary contribution, in terms of technology and performance, into the hands of the history of this fantastic class.

My will is to transfer the whole package to others, to allow this project to stay alive over time and continue to keep high the technological content of our beloved FD class.

This is a appeal to those of you who believe in this project and are interested in carrying it out: contact me privately at

All the best


50 Years Olympic Games FD 0 (0)

Dear FD Sailors,

50 years ago the FD Olympics were sailed in Kiel, Germany. This year there will be a great revival in August. Not our „Olympics“ but the German Championship will he held in Kiel.

Please find here some information:

If you have material, equipment, clothes etc. from 1972 or even an original boat please get in touch with me ( There will be an exhibition in Kiel Schilksee and it would be great to show the Flying Dutchman there.

You can also send me an email if you want go receive updates regarding the registration option.

Have a great start into the season 2022


1. EuroCup 2022: Altea, Spain 5 (1)

Dear Sailors,

A few months have passed since the World Championship so I am contacting you to inform you that the Euroflying Cup will take place here in Altea from the 18th to the 20 th of March 2022.
We are very happy to welcome you all to this event so, we offer the first 10 foreign boats free hotel accommodation during the competition days.
You can check here the Notice of Race
If you have any questions, please contact us,
Hope to see you all in March!

Update of Championship Rules 4.3 (7)

To all FD sailors!
As already mentioned in the New Years Greetings the rule 8.3
of the Championship Rules will be altered in the following way:
8.3  If one race a day is to be sailed the course length should be
       approximately 9-10 nautical miles with a sailing target time
       between 75 and 100 minutes for the first boat.
       If 2 or 3 races are to be sailed on one day the course length
       should be approximately 6-7 nautical miles with a sailing
       target time between 60 and 80 minutes for the first boat.
       Under no circumstances 4 races will be sailed on one day.
Why did we decide for this new rule? The old existing rule did not give
the IFDCO nor the Race Commitee the possibility to make races shorter.
Now we have the flexibility to do so. Already for quite some time quite
a few sailors indicated the wish for more but shorter races. The idea
now is to go to 12 races in 5 racing days in a 2-3-2-3-2 schedule.
IFDCO Committee