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Dearest Flying Dutchman-sailors!

I wish you all a happy,prosperous and healthy 2023!
I hope you had a nice Christmas time with your family and friends and had a fine New Years Eve!

Another year has passed. We all felt that Covid was a big obstruction to our normal life and are all happy that the worst is over. It would have been nice if all would have been back to ‘normal’!
But another disaster struck the World. The war in the Ukrain with all its consequences. I really do not understand why this is happening in the actual period of human civilization. It has a
great effect on our minds and also economically! Let’s hope it will be over soon!

So let’s not forget when we are sailing our Flying Dutchman what a great feeling of joy and freedom it gives to us! Let’s realize how valuable these moments are also sharing this time with our friends!
We again had this great feeling at the Worlds in Campione. What a great event a World Championship always is!

So IFDCO is making all the preparations for the next Worlds in Gdynia Poland. At the end of July we should have great weather and I heard from sailors who were at the Gdynia Sailing Week last year it seems to be a beautiful place with good racing.

Furthermore we are sorting out the issue for the containers and their prices for the Worlds in Florida planned for March 2024. We will make a decision in March of this year if the Championship will take place in the US.
The Bulletin will be presented soon. We hoped to get it ready before Christmas of last year but I regret that we did not make that date.

We will also present to you probably in february a new rewritten Class Rule 115 about pumping. At the last Worlds we had quite a few problems with it. The now existing rule leads to confusion with the jury. So we will have to rewrite it and clearify what we want from it as the Flying Dutchman Class!

Kind regards

Peter van Koppen

FD communication 5 (7)

Dear FD sailors 


I hope you are all good wherever you are right now and that the ones that went to the Worlds were able to return back home safely. Please I need your help for 3 simple things: 


First, as I explained in the competitors hearing, I’m on the making of a FD sailing pictures and videos stock, so any picture or video you have, and you would like for us to have if you could send it to me via email or we transfer or any way you like would be very nice. Please note this will be used for social media and for different purposes. 

Second, it would be very important for the class to have all the regattas posted. This shows that we are an active class and will help gather new sailors. For this to happen, I would need a contact of a designated person for each country. That way he/she can send me the pictures and the chronicle so it could be posted on the IFDCO website, social media and in the bulletin. We plan on doing a bulletin for 2022 but I wont be possible if we dont have a certain number of reports to do it. 

Finally, if you have any account on social media that posts about FD, please get in contact with me so I can repost your posts and I can make sort of a database so we can make things together. 


Thanks a lot for your collaboration. Take care!! 


BTW my email is and my phone number +34 680676615 


Guzmán Egea Aguado ESP-11

World Champion title goes to Germany 88 5 (7)

From 2 to 10 September the world championship took place in Campione del Garda. The famous lake has hosted a week of exciting competition with winds of all colors. With a total of 68 participating boats from 12 countries, the recovery in covid compared to the previous year has been noticed.

The activity at the Univela Club began on Friday 2 with the measurement of the firsts boats that arrived. Little by little during Saturday and Sunday the measurement was completed thanks to the fantastic measuring equipment headed by Tanja and Paul. On Sunday afternoon, the opening ceremony of the World Championship was held.

On Monday at 11:30 in the morning the boats were thrown into the water with a north wind that would end up rolling to be in a southerly direction with a moderate intensity. DEN21 Bojsen-Moller brothers won the first round being the second won by AUT20 with Jacob Holzinger and Paul Srienz who after finishing second in the first one were placed provisional leaders.

If anyone thought it was going to be a low-wind World Championship, they were wrong. On Tuesday at a somewhat untimely hour, 7:15 in the morning, the boats were thrown into the water. With a north wind already quite strong the boats flew over the fresh water of the mythical lake. The GER88 of Kay-Uwe Lüdtke and Kai Schäfers prevailed in the first race. In the second it was the ITA4 of the Vespasiani brothers who took the victory. In the last round of the day the wind went down and it was difficult to read correctly. DEN21 got the first position.

On the third day of racing it was back to dawn very early with a north wind that threw 22 knots at the starting line. The GER88 officially presented its candidacy to the fight for the title making a first and a second place. The second round was worn by the HUN70 of Szabolcs Majthenyi and Andras Domokos.

That same night the club offered dinner offering a fantastic menu composed of lasagna, pork and panacota accompanied by local wines.

After the rest day the boats threw themselves into the water on Friday around 13:00. With a strong north wind, two tight races were contested. The GER87 of Hans-Peter Schwarz and Roland Kirst and the ITA4 divided the races winning each one. The GER88 managed to stay first in the general classification and followed by the DEN21, the title was going to be decided on the last day.

The decisive day dawned with strong waves and a lot of wind. After the Delta flag was removed, the wind rose exponentially which made it impossible to sail. With half the fleet in the water, returning was a challenge, but thanks to the mutual help of the FD navigators everyone came back safely. However, with the starting limit at 16:00, at 13:30 the boats were thrown into the water. After 3 failed starts and with 15 minutes to go before the deadline, the start of the last and decisive round of the World Championship was given. The GER88 did and excellent race and won it, thus becoming world champion for the first time. The DEN21 finished second in the race and in the world championship. The HUN70 took third place in the general standins.

On the other hand, the different winners by categories were the following:

  • Dunhill Challenge Trophy (World Championship Overall Winner): GER88 Kay-Uwe Lüdtke and Kai Schäfers
  • FD Silver Sombrero Challenge Trophy (World Championship for the best result without discard): DEN21 Jorgen Bojsen-Moller and Jacob Bojsen-Moller 
  • Tullio Pizzomo Memorial Trophy (Best helmsman under 26 yrs): GER82 Benedikt Nagel and Lukas Bauer
  • 100+Trophy (best team combined age 100+): DEN21 Jorgen Bojsen-Moller and Jacob Bojsen-Moller 
  • Best FD Lady. (Ladies) : GER19 Peggy Bahr and Torsten Bahr 
  • 25+ Trophy (highest placed boat 25 yrs of age of older): GER82 Benedikt Nagel and Lukas Bauer
  • Silver Bowl (best sailor under 19 yrs): GER187 Beichl Stefan and Beichl Sebastian 

Thanks for the club Univela for its fantastic organization and all those who have made this World Cup possible.

Written by Guzman Egea

Crew for Campione available 5 (2)

One of the best American FD sailors, Razvan Adam, will join us in Campione. His helm is not able to start in Campione so Adam is available!
Razvan will arrive on 3rd of September in Campione. He just won the North American Championships with his Brother Ovidiu Adam, while they were second in March at the Nationals!
Please get in touch with Razvan in case you need a crew (

Mobile home places in Campione available 0 (0)

Dear FD Sailors,

Campione Univela informed us that there will be additional space for mobile homes for 20€/night. Every boat that hasn‘t registered yet because of a missing parking for mobile homes can now register for the early bird entry fee of 450€.