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Meeting Minutes of AGCM 2023 0 (0)

Dear Sailors,

please find here the meeting minutes of the Annual General Committee Meeting 2023.

>> Link to meeting minutes as pdf

Best regards


As we are getting closer to the Worlds in St.Petersburg Florida I would like to give a little update.
On the 19 th of February 2023 we published the announcement of finally organizing the Worlds in Florida. In that announcement IFDCO offered € 400 to every boat going to the Worlds by container as the costs seemed to become very high.
For those who are in doubt to go to the Worlds and might not know this I just want to remind you of this. Maybe it helps you to make a decision to go and join the competition.
Frank Nooijen, who we cannot thank enough for all his incredible work in organizing the container transport again and again in such an excellent way and such low rates, asked me update you.
At the moment there are 27 boats in 5 containers from Europe.
So there are 3 spots left that can be filled up easily.
I case there are more boats a 6th container could be organized.
The deadline for entering would be 31st of december.
You can reach Frank at


Peter van Koppen
President IFDCO

4TH VINTAGE YACHTING GAMES in La Baule, France 5 (1)

Dear FD Sailors,
the 4th Vintage Yachting Games will take place from 27th of May to 2nd of June 2024 in La Baule, France.
Please find the NOR here.

Official Information about the Worlds 2024 are published 4.5 (2)

Please find the official board of the Worlds 2024 here:

REMINDER: insurance for USA 0 (0)

For those who will go to the Worlds in St.Petersburg please check your insurance for the boat.
In the past there have been problems with the fact that the insurance was not valid in the USA but for example only Europe. So make sure your insurance is ok or otherwise adjust it accordingly.


Peter van Koppen
President IFDCO