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Europeans and Worlds in Puerto Sherry, Cádiz. 5 (11)

Dear FD Class colleagues worldwide,

We are pleased to inform you that the 2024 European Championship and the 2025 World Championship will be hosted in Puerto Sherry, in the Bay of Cádiz.

The scheduled dates for the European Championship are from October 20 to October 27, 2024, while the exact dates for the World Championship in March 2025 are yet to be determined.

In preparation for the period between October 2024 and March 2025, we are organizing a race calendar to take advantage of the boats staying in Puerto Sherry. This calendar will include:

1. European Championship from October 20 to October 27, 2024.
2. An International League consisting of races in the months of November and December 2024, as well as January and February 2025. The February 2025 race will coincide with the Eurocup.
3. World Championship in March 2025.

The exact dates for the International League and Eurocup will be confirmed this December, and specific dates for the February 2024 World Championship will be announced shortly.

Additionally, we are in negotiations with relevant authorities, including the Regional Government of Andalusia, the Provincial Government of Cádiz, and the City Councils of Cádiz and Puerto de Santa Maria. The aim of these negotiations is to secure financial support to assist in the transportation of boats from around the world to Puerto Sherry, with the goal of attracting the participation of a greater number of boats.

It is worth noting that the pleasant temperatures in Cádiz during those months, coupled with the excellent facilities of Puerto Sherry in terms of boat space, accommodation, dining, entertainment, etc., make this event a secure choice for the realization of the mentioned competitions.

We will continue to keep you informed as new developments arise. However, if you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact the Class Secretary in Spain, Enrique Egea, at, who will be happy to assist you.

Thank you in advance for your attention and cooperation.


Pepe Ruiz
ESP 99

WORLDS GDYNIA 2023 5 (1)


Today the first races of the world championship started. The D-flag was raised at 10.45 hr. When sailing out of the harbor the weather circumstance looked promising. There was sufficient wind to get the proper speed and do some nice planning towards the starting vessel. However, reaching the starting vessel the wind reduced to 7-8 knots. It was very clear that the whole FD fleet was eager to start in front of the row to win this championship. This resulted in two recalls so finally the black was displayed. Under the black flag the third start was successful so finally the championship kicked-off.

Compared to the practice day the wind was more stable although wind shifts still came from various directions which made it a difficult sailing day for every competitor.

Sailing in the middle of the fleet you have a good view of the different tactics. Clearly visible was the strategy of those starting at the starting vessel as they moved quickly to the starboard side of the course whereas the one started at the pin moved to the port side of the course.

The winner of race 1 started towards the pin although their start was not optimal (nr 50 crossing the starting line according to the trackers) giving hope to the rest of the competitors. Even with a bad start you can win a race. During the race the wind and wind direction changed frequently. This resulted in a lot of position changes. At the end of race 1 Bojsen-Moller finished 3 minutes ahead of nr 2, GER202 and HUN70 came in third.

Race 2 started but again the fleet was confronted with a challenge. A large shift occurred in the last minute of the start so starting at the pin head in this case was favourable. When starting like we did it was even difficult to pass the starting line. Anyway, the wind reduced making it difficult to catch-up positions. Race 2 was won by HUN70 followed by ITA4 and in third position GER202.

After one day of racing HUN70 is leading the world championship in front of DEN21 and a third position for GER202. However, 10 races to go under varying conditions so the world championship is still open!!!

NED155 Hans Peter van Wilsem Erik Van Dokkum


The first race on 25 July was scheduled for 1 p.m., and before that there was a lot of deliberation about which sails to choose… strong winds were predicted, but the forecasts didn’t really work those days. In the end, we took our M gib, which is better for stronger winds. As we left the harbor it seemed to be a good choice as we headed with a strong gusty of wind towards the jury boat in the far distance. Later, leaving the darkening cloudy sky above us, the wind also decreased, at which point it was questionable whether we had chosen a good sail for this day. In the end, it got a little stronger for the first race and after a good start, turning around at 4-500 meters,
we sailed at a good position over and in front of most of the boats. At the windward mark, some boats were ahead of us, coming from both the left and the right side,
we arrived in place about the 8-10 to the mark. A strong gust of wind hit the first broad reach, and several boats capsized. We also had to take off the spinnaker at the broad reach buoy, and in the second broad reach we sailed in the sharper, stormy wind. The second beating also started in a strong gusty wind, later it dropped down a bit, but our M sail was still useful. In the end, we finished 11th in this race.
At the beginning of the second race, our M-sail still seemed like a good choice, but unfortunately in the second upwind, the wind strength decreased so much that our speed dropped a lot, and so we fell behind, not to mention the 3rd race, so in both races we finished in 20-25th place. We decided to use only our genoa suitable for lighter winds from the coming days…

In the races the first one was won by DEN 21 Jorgen Bojsen-Moller and Jacob Bojsen-Moller, the second one by HUN 70 Szabolcs Majthényi 1972 and Andras Domokos, and the last one GER 98 Shmuel Markhoff and Lars Stöckmann.

HUN4 János Ziegler and Balázs Czeizel


On the third day of racing, we were greeted first with 2 heavy rain fronts. We waited ashore for them to pass, before the fleet went out with 5-8 knots and clearing up conditions. But shortly after going out, the wind was dying again, so that instead of race preparations, the Polish training submarine which was present on the course took way more attention of the sailors.

After another hour of delaying the start on the water, against any forecast a light but stable easterly wind finally arrived, so one light wind race could be completed. Winner of the race was DEN-21 Bojsen-Moller/Bojsen-Moller, followed by GER-222 Albert/Merz and GER-202 Borowski/Berlin. We were very lucky to score 13th place in these conditions favorable for us. Finally, we all got back just in time to be rewarded with the official dinner with a great view of Gdynia Bay.

GER-313, Maren & Malte


After trying to race on the day 4 with a start that ended in nothing, day 5 arrived. It brought again a cloudy day with light wind of 6-8 knots from the south. There have been two trials to start the race, so the race officer has hoisted black flag to avoid more fake starts. The result of this, took out of the 7th race about 8 boats. After, the race has been smooth with some changes in the leading positions, in the third mark, GER 98 was leading, but afterwards, GER 113 won the race, GER 199 had the second position, followed by the HUN 70, that had recovered many positions during the race. DEN 21, who finally won the Championship, got the worst place in all the event, arriving the 11th.

In the 8th race of the championship the wind got a bit less intensity, making even difficult to finish the race. Finally, the winner of the race was GER 88, in second position HUN 70 followed by DEN 21. The leaders of the championship made their job!

ESP-1 Juan Ignacio Egea SR and Juan Ignacio Egea JR



After a very contested championship it was the last day the one that was going to decide everything. DEN21 had to win HUN70 if he wanted to win again the title so the two leader boats, were close all day racing each other exclusively.

Two races we held. In the first one the wind was light as it had happened during all week. The fleet was close and tight, and they buoys were a little mess, but racing was clean. Finally, the race was won by GER99 Bogumil and Lisken followed by GER113 Koenig and Brack and GER202 Borowsky and Berlin.

The second and last race of the worlds was a little bit crazy. After a black-flagged start, lots of boats were send home thus missing the last race. When it was finally clean and the boats started the race, the right side of the field were few boats were sailing, proved to be the best one and the boats on that side had major advantage over the left ones. It was HUN11 of Gabor and Gabor who got an amazing one keeping the advantage all the race. GER87 of Schwarz and Kirst came second followed by ITA94 of Pierfrancesco and Rossi.

After an intense week of racing finally the Bojsen Moller brothers were the winners of the 2023 Worlds. HUN70 took the second spot. The podium was completed by the GER88.

The closing ceremony was great, with pictures of the trophies, great food, champagne for celebrating and great presentation.

From the IFDCO we want to thank all the people involved in this Worlds. Thanks for the amazing organization in the water and outside the water. It has been and amazing event and everything has been completely perfect.


ESP-11 Pablo Egea and Guzmán Egea




Trophy Winners:

Dunhill Challenge Trophy (World Championship Overall Winner). DEN21 Jorgen Bojsen-Moller and Jacob Bojsen-Moller

FD Silver Sombrero Challenge Trophy (World Championship for the best result without discard): DEN21 Jorgen Bojsen-Moller and Jacob Bojsen-Moller

Tullio Pizzorno Memorial Trophy (Best helmsman under 26 yrs). GER82 Benedikt Nagel and Lukas Bauer

100+Trophy (best team combined age 100+). DEN21 Jorgen Bojsen-Moller and Jacob Bojsen-Moller

Best FD Lady. (Ladies). GER22 Johanna Beichl and Franz Graf

25+ Trophy (highest placed boat 25 yrs of age of older).  GER202 Jörn Borowski and Andreas Berlin

Silver Bowl (best sailor under 19 yrs). GER187 Stefan Beichl and Sebastian Beichl

For all the pitcures:


YUASA CUP 2023 5 (1)

The eighth edition of the Yuasa Regatta took place from July 1st to 3rd in the waters of Altea Bay. Seven boats competed in this regatta, fewer than the previous edition, but that didn’t make the competition any less tough and exciting.

The first day of the regatta was threatened by a strong wind forecast. On Friday morning, that forecast became a reality, but despite the strong wind blowing at around twenty knots, the committee raised the delta flag, and all the sailors set out. It didn’t take long to realize that the wind was too strong to sail, and to prevent any accidents, the committee decided to cancel the races for that day.

Thus, the regatta actually started the following day. As soon as the wind picked up, the seven boats hit the water to enjoy a sunny day with moderate winds that allowed for three races to be held. Right from the start, ESP-6, with Gines Romero and Alvaro Moreno, dominated the regatta, ending the day with three first-place finishes and a flawless record. The second and third positions were more fiercely contested, with ESP-1 and ESP-90 alternating between third and second place in all three races, finishing the day with only one point of difference.

With the leaderboard very tight and only three races completed, the regatta entered its final day, which was marked by challenging conditions due to the light wind. The team of ESP-17, Marco Sevila and Nacho Seguí, had a strong performance, starting the day with a first-place finish and then securing two second-place finishes, moving up to the fourth position and posing a threat to ESP-90 and ESP-1, who finished third and second, respectively.

ESP-6 was crowned the champion, followed by ESP-90 with Jose Pastor and Carlos Gastaldi, and in third place, Juan Ignacio Egea Moreno and Juan Ignacio Egea Aguado.

In conclusion, it was a perfect regatta, thanks to the Altea Yacht Club and GS-YUASA, with a variety of wind conditions that allowed for a fair and highly competitive competition.

Written by Juan Ignacio Egea Aguado ESP-1


Worlds 2023 Information 5 (1)

Dear Sirs,


In connection with the upcoming worlds as part of Gdynia Sailing Day 2023, we have prepared for you a package of information and necessary documents to register in Gdynia. Please read the following information carefully:


1.       Arrival with equipment survey: Please fill out a short questionnaire regarding arrival with equipment at the Worlds 2023. This survey will help us to better organise the event and tailor our activities to your needs. The link to the survey can be found below:

2.       Stopover statement: If you plan to leave your units at the Marina in Gdynia, please print and fill out the stopover statement before arriving at the event. These declarations are important for administrative purposes and will enable us to organise the space in the marina efficiently. They should be submitted to the marina’s harbormaster upon leaving your equipment there. The Polish and English versions of the declarations can be found in the attachments to this message.


3.       Costs related to arrival before the start or departure after the end of GSD 2022: Information regarding the rates associated with the use of marina facilities can be found in the attachment to this message..

If you have any questions regarding the survey, stopover declaration, Gdynia Marina or other aspects related to Gdynia Sailing Days 2023, please contact us by e-mail We are here to provide you with all the help you need.


Marina GSD 2023


Dear FD sailors;

Our friends for Poland had requested our help for those who want to attend in campers. Please fill out this form if you are planning on going:


Many thanks!!