On March 20, 2019, passed away in Cadiz at 84 years Don Rafael Iturrioz Lozano, great person and athlete. Both from the National Secretariat, as well as from his position as Commodore Internacional and later, as race judge, from the years 60 until his death, he struggled with determination to make a class as complicated as this one, to remain alive. The current Spanish “Flyers” are in debt with him. Since 1996 he was an international race judge and was part of the Jury in most of the World Championships and in European events. This allowed him to stay close to the class he loved. Dear Rafa, all the sailors of Flying Dutchman  wish you good luck in your new voyage. Good board! and rest in peace. Rafael (Rafa for his friends) had a great career as a sailor at both national and international level obtaining numerous titles in the different classes in which he competed (Flying Dutchman, Soling, Snipe, 470, 420, Cruise, Etc). In Flying Dutchman, he was Champion of Spain on numerous occasions since 1962. Rafa, official of the Spanish Navy and great promoter of sailing, was a pioneer of the class Flying Dutchman in Spain of which he was a real passionate.

Enrique Egea Moreno

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