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Umag – Euro Testevent 0 (0)

2015_UmagEuTest_12_HUN70Prior to this year’s FD Europeans that will be held in September in Umag (CRO) the Host Club organized an event to give the sailors a possibility to test the winds and waters of Umag bay.
The event gathered 9 crews form AUT, CRO, HUN, ITA and SLO.

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European Championship – online entry 0 (0)

is now open:

Notice of Race – European Championship 0 (0)

The Notice of Race for the 2015 European Championship in Umag, Croatia is now online. You will find further information here

2015 european championship 0 (0)

At the Largs Worlds 2014 the decision was made – coming from the competitors, at the competitors forum – that it was their wish to conduct an European Championship in 2015. I as VP-Championships therefor asked several countries to make a proposal. 2 countries Croatia/Slovenia and Italy came up with a proposal –  see Bulletin 162 -. Because of the short period of time to get things running the GC-members voted for the place to be. Croatia will be the venue to conduct the European Championship 2015. The date set is 13 – 19 September. Further information on short notice ……. VP Championships Jan Lechler GER100.


In light wind conditions, with sunshine the game is on. First 5 boats all from different countries. Follow everything on Facebook if you want to stay up to date this week.
Full report in the next Bulletin.