For the sixth consecutive year Nicola and Francesco Vespasiani ITA 4 have won the National Championship of Flying Dutchman Italian Class after 8 beautiful races that have seen their conclusion in the last of the three days.
Nicola and Francesco Vespasiani have built their victory day by day and concluded in the first day to the top of the charts and conduct regular and careful to close with 14 points and two first places (2,1,2,3,3,2,3,1).
In second place were placed Gianfreda Marco and Marco Poggianti on ITA 36 have tried to undermine the primacy of the brothers Vespasiani until the third day of competition concluded with 23 punti (1,3,3,6,5,1,4,7).

In third place 10 ITA Roberto Cipriani and Roberto Benedetti with 28 points (5,2,1,5,12,3,10).
Podium touched in fourth place for Spartaco Francesconi and Rinaldo Rinaldi ITA 109 that were not enough the two victories of the daty to get on the podium with 37 points (6,12,7, 1,1,9,8,5).
In fifth place the first foreign crew POL 7 Irec Pierwola and Peter Tyszkiewicz with 41 points (4,7,8,8,10,4,1,9).
Luigi Macci

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