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Vice President Championships 5 (7)

Dear FD-sailors,

hereby the IFDCO Committee wants to inform you about the change of the Vice President Championships.
As Rinaldo’s term as VP ended at the AGCM in Poland we asked him if he would like to continue his work as the VP Championships. He indicated that it is more and more difficult for him to find the right amount of time to fulfillthe job in the right way.
As Hans-Peter Schwarz was willing to take over his position Rinaldo was ok to step down as the Vice President Championships. Rinaldo is confident that Hans-Peter is a very good successor which was an important reason for Rinaldo’s decision.
Hans-Peter is a very good, widly known and respected FD-sailor. He is in the class for a very long time, has great knowledge and viewpoints about the class.
So we all have to say great thanks to Rinaldo for doing his job for six years as the Vice President Championships, for all his time and effort he put into the class. I especially want to point out the great job he did to create the Event Bid Document together with Marc Strittmatter. It is an important
document for the class for the organization of our Worlds.
Also the presentation of possible venues was excellent. So great thanks again Rinaldo!
Of course we expect you to keep sailing the Flying Dutchman and be present in the class for a long time to come!

And so at the same time we welcome Hans-Peter Schwarz as our new Vice President Championships and are happy that he is willing to take over the job. We hope for a prosperous and positive cooperation.
As a formality his nomination is ad interim for now as the official nomination has to take place at an AGCM which will be held in Spain late next year.

Regards to you all

Peter van Koppen

President IFDCO

Worlds 2023 Information 5 (1)

Dear Sirs,


In connection with the upcoming worlds as part of Gdynia Sailing Day 2023, we have prepared for you a package of information and necessary documents to register in Gdynia. Please read the following information carefully:


1.       Arrival with equipment survey: Please fill out a short questionnaire regarding arrival with equipment at the Worlds 2023. This survey will help us to better organise the event and tailor our activities to your needs. The link to the survey can be found below:

2.       Stopover statement: If you plan to leave your units at the Marina in Gdynia, please print and fill out the stopover statement before arriving at the event. These declarations are important for administrative purposes and will enable us to organise the space in the marina efficiently. They should be submitted to the marina’s harbormaster upon leaving your equipment there. The Polish and English versions of the declarations can be found in the attachments to this message.


3.       Costs related to arrival before the start or departure after the end of GSD 2022: Information regarding the rates associated with the use of marina facilities can be found in the attachment to this message..

If you have any questions regarding the survey, stopover declaration, Gdynia Marina or other aspects related to Gdynia Sailing Days 2023, please contact us by e-mail We are here to provide you with all the help you need.


Marina GSD 2023


Dear FD sailors;

Our friends for Poland had requested our help for those who want to attend in campers. Please fill out this form if you are planning on going:


Many thanks!!


Nomination Juan Ignacio Egea Moreno as Vice Presisdent Development Flying Dutchman Class 5 (4)

Dear sailors!
I would like to inform you that the procedure of the nomination of Juan Ignacio Egea Moreno for the position of Vice President Development has been started a few weeks ago.
Juan has been sailing the Flying Dutchman for quite some time now with great involvement and enthusiasm for the class together with his suns Juan and Guzman. He is a great promotor and well respected person in the class especially in Spain.
So we are happy that he would like to take the position of VP Development and his great business experience and skills in the english language make him an excellent person for the position.
Personally I strongly support his nomination for the position and hope he will get the support of the whole class once his nomination is effected.
Peter van Koppen
IFDCO President

New FD CAPS!! 4.5 (2)

Dear FD sailors;

We want to announce the launch of the new hats of the FD class. This are high quality hats made out of 100% recycled material. They have two logos embroidered in the front and in the back. They are two colors avalaible, white and navy blue. They are only 100 units avalaible, so don´t be late!! The price is 27,50 euros plus shipping.

We hope you all like them.


To buy them please contact me at or via phone +34 680676615.