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Dear sailors!
How the world can change totally within such a short time and
by such a small particle!
As first China but now also Europe and the US are hit hard by the
Corona virus we all will have to show flexibility and patience.
As gatherings of people can be a source of spreading the virus
I expect several regattas will be cancelled and as sad as we are
about this we have to accept it.
We should all follow the policy of the countries involved and hope
that this pandemic will end within a reasonable time and then go
out sailing again!
Peter van Koppen


Dear all,

according to the rules on the containment and management of the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19 all sports activities and sailing events have been suspended.
The national regatta scheduled for 10 and 11 April, Criterium di Pasqua in Marina di Carrara, has been postponed to a date to be defined.

We will follow updates on the next events scheduled in Italy, confident that the COVID-19 emergency will end as soon as possible to resume sailing activity.

Best regards

Segreteria Italiana Classe Flying Dutchman
Luigi Macci
ITA 133

New FD builder 4.9 (14)

News from Berlin, Germany: The first Herbst FD will be launched in Steinhude in April.
Boat-builder Martin Herbst has taken over all of the equipment from Dirk Bogumil and will produce new FDs in the future. Martin Herbst has earned an excellent reputation as a boat builder. He made his master at the Hein shipyard in Elmshorn, which has successfully built many fast and beautiful dinghies and is still building them. He has had his own craft business for 20 years and is known for his fast 20’s dinghy cruisers, pirates and O-dinghies.
The new FD is based on the Bogumil shape, hull and deck continue to be made in carbon fiber and epoxy with Kevlar honeycombs. Such a change naturally also brings innovations to the building. Bogu will be able to explain to us what’s new in a few weeks, because he and Micha will start with the first Herbst FD at the Trapeze regatta in Steinhude, Germany. We are excited…

Updates: events, documents and trophies 5 (1)

As you have probably seen we are currently working a lot on our international website. The main goal is a vivid website for the whole Flying Dutchman community all over the world!

First of all we published an area “FD” with some information about our Flying Dutchman including some trim information.

We updated all international sailing events for the FD class in menu “EVENTS”. We have currently 73 events all over the world – please let us know if there is anything missing so that we can update the information.

In the menu “DOCUMENTATION” you will find updated versions of our rules incl. Euro Cup rules.

And last but not least we updated the trophys menu “ROLL OF HONOR” with the trophies and winning teams from the Class Book 2011. We are now working on collecting the missing information. You are happily invited to support.

For any further hints, comments, ideas, support please send an email to

All the best for all of you.

GER 112, General Secretary

Sail together & communicate together 5 (1)

Dear FD-Sailors,

we are currently working on this webpage to publish more information from all our FD sailors. The new area „News“ is showing all the published posts in different categories and years.

All countries are invited to publish their local information about regattas and trainings, photos or FD experiences on the international website. Just send an email to with a text and some pictures.

Please feel free to send also other FD material which would be nice on this website!

Many greetings to all of you and all the best for 2020.

General Secretary