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New Years Greetings 3.7 (9)

Dear FD-sailors!

Welcome everybody to the New Year 2022. Time is running fast. I wish you all had a nice Christmas time and a good start to the New Year.

Despite all our hopes we still have to cope with the Corona virus. The new Omicron variant is still prescribing our way of life! Different countries have very different strategies concerning the virus and lockdowns. lt looks that Omikron is very infectious but less harmfull. On the long run we all hope that the virus will lay down and only exist like the flew.

For the coming season we wish the best concerning all this and giving all of us the opportunity of much and good sailing and seeing each other again! lt was good to have the Worlds in Spain last year and lets’s look forward to another great Worlds on the Garda Lake in ltaly.

There is good news on boatbuilding: right now Tanja is in Dubai to measure the plug for the new boats to be build there. A good and interesting devlopment.

There is also news on the race format front for the Worlds. The Committee has made the decision to make shorter racing but more heats. This is the wish of the younger sailors for already a long time but also more common in sailing already for quite some time. The exact details will be published soon.

Furthermore we received the question if we will have a celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Flying Dutchman. In principle the idea is good but it is more common to celebrate a 50th, 75th and 100th anniversary. We also did not celebrate the 60th for example. So the intention is to celebrate the 75 th anniversay in 2027. Maybe some of you are wondering if the building of the first Flying Dutchman in 1951 should be the starting point of counting for an anniversary and not the recognition as a class in 1952? It seems that in 2001 – 2002 there have been long discussions about this. The decision was made to take the year of recognition of the class in 1952. Therefore 2027 would be the year for the 75 th anniversary.

So let’s all put our positive energy together and make 2022 a good sailing season and enjoy our beautiful Flying Dutchman.

See you on the water!

Kind regards

Peter van Koppen


Regatta dedicated to 70 years anniversary of “Flying Dutchman International” 4.7 (7)

A regatta dedicated to the 70th anniversary of “Flying Dutchman International” class was held in July in Moscow, Russia.

“It’s been very still and hot recently in Moscow. There was a risk that we will have to cancel the regatta because of lack of wind. Luckily a cold front with wind came on Saturday which allowed us to hold four races” – said Head of the Racing Committee of the Regatta Anatoly Kondakov.

The regatta attracted the attention of Moscow FD sailors. 13 boats out of 16 rigged boats arrived at the starting line. Wind was slowly picking up all morning reaching 5-7 m/s in the first race and over 10 m/s in other races. “We had spectacular races: capsizing, floating and jumping over waves left by wake board tag boats – all this kept us busy & happy all day” – said the winner of the regatta Andrey Novoderezhkin.

The next race day everything went back to the initial scenario: there was no wind and after three hours of sunbathing and swimming at the starting line the regatta was declared over and all participants paddled to the club for prize giving ceremony. This year for the first time we introduced a special prize for locally produced and fully wooden boats – “Classic” Boats Prize – to motivate owners of the older boats to come to the starting line. The prize was won by Alexey Prosvirov and Georgy Klepach.


Dmitry Novoderezhkin

IFDCO app available now! 0 (0)

Dear FD sailor,

today we start a new way of communication 🙂

Our own IFDCO app is available now!

Please have a look in your app-store and look for „IFDCO“ or use the QR code below.

This new app allows us a world-wide-communication between all FD sailors.

The following features are available in the first step:
1) a direct link to all our events
2) a chat with predefined channels for each country, World Championships, FD sailors worldwide. Please add your preferred channels to your own list. You can also create private groups or get in contact with people who are already registered. All this absolutely data protection compliant;
3) a members area where you can publish your sailing-pictures and where we can have official surveys – this area is just for IFDCO members. Please login with your name and email etc. and select the role „member“. You will receive a notification when your IFDCO membership is confirmed. If you are not a member yet you can get in touch with the IFDCO for a new membership.
4) you can see all the news from our website directly in the app – you will also receive a push-notification when there is a new post on the website
5) find all links to our social media channels within the app
6) a list of all official contacts: General Committee and National Secretaries – the details of each persons will be added as soon as we have the approval of the person
7) a list of all necessary documents for FD-sailing (e.g. Byelaws, Classrules) – this list will also be enhanced soon
8) available Bulletins for direct access – the old versions will also be added
9) a worldwide Pin Board to sell & find boats, equipment, sailors for a regatta etc. Feel free to publish your needs or availability.
10) a map with our national organisations and our sailing areas (this list will be enhanced)

This app is created with a partner in Germany so please let me know if there may be some german words somewhere 😉

If you want to be a partner for the IFDCO and get your business-profile in the partner module please get in touch with me.

This app is the first step in the direction of a world-wide communication. We will make sure that we enhance it step by step and that more usefull features will be implemented.

I’m looking forward to receive your feedback and wish you all the best now in discovering our new IFDCO app.

All the best for you.


New FD Bulletin 172 3.5 (2)

The new FD Bulletin is online!

Enjoy it until your printed version is arriving at you local country.

–> Link to Bulletin 172

Amazing Bulletin Archive 5 (2)

For all sailors who cannot sail right now: Maybe you have a little time to get back to former times. Our dear friends in America published a whole bunch of Bulletins.

>> Enjoy Bulletins starting from 1958!