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International Measurers 5 (1)

We are very proud to announce that our international measurer Tanja Heijink from NED is part of the World Sailing Grouping.

For more details check this >> announcement.

New FD builder 4.9 (14)

News from Berlin, Germany: The first Herbst FD will be launched in Steinhude in April.
Boat-builder Martin Herbst has taken over all of the equipment from Dirk Bogumil and will produce new FDs in the future. Martin Herbst has earned an excellent reputation as a boat builder. He made his master at the Hein shipyard in Elmshorn, which has successfully built many fast and beautiful dinghies and is still building them. He has had his own craft business for 20 years and is known for his fast 20’s dinghy cruisers, pirates and O-dinghies.
The new FD is based on the Bogumil shape, hull and deck continue to be made in carbon fiber and epoxy with Kevlar honeycombs. Such a change naturally also brings innovations to the building. Bogu will be able to explain to us what’s new in a few weeks, because he and Micha will start with the first Herbst FD at the Trapeze regatta in Steinhude, Germany. We are excited…

Latest Change of Rules Documentation 0 (0)

Here are the latest documents:[20425].pdf[20424].pdf

Only change from previous version is the new rule 72 has been deleted and the wording of Rule 70 changed ever so slightly.


2012 FD CLASS RULES 0 (0)

Our VP-Technical, Peter Hinrichsen, signaled the message by email that the ISAF has approved and published the 2012 FD class rules.


Did you ever asked yourself the question how heigh your Jib can be hoisted? It all depends on if it is a single or double hoist. Our v-p technical reviewed and interpreted rule 38.

158 Flying Dutchman Rule 38 interpretation