As you have probably seen we are currently working a lot on our international website. The main goal is a vivid website for the whole Flying Dutchman community all over the world!

First of all we published an area “FD” with some information about our Flying Dutchman including some trim information.

We updated all international sailing events for the FD class in menu “EVENTS”. We have currently 73 events all over the world – please let us know if there is anything missing so that we can update the information.

In the menu “DOCUMENTATION” you will find updated versions of our rules incl. Euro Cup rules.

And last but not least we updated the trophys menu “ROLL OF HONOR” with the trophies and winning teams from the Class Book 2011. We are now working on collecting the missing information. You are happily invited to support.

For any further hints, comments, ideas, support please send an email to generalsecretary@sailifdco.net.

All the best for all of you.

GER 112, General Secretary

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