Dear Flying Dutchman Sailors

A few days ago we got information from the Russian FD class organization about the World Championship 2017.
There are problems at the moment with the Russian Sailing Federation. There is not enough support by the Sailing Federation for the worlds.
Also there are problems for the sponsorship of the worlds 2017 because of the economic situation in Russia.
Because of these reasons the Russian FD class organization is very sorry and stops the project World Championship 2017.
That means, we have to find a new and perfect place for our World Championship in 2017.
There are some candidates in the moment, but nothing has been decided yet.
It would be very helpful, if i could get some applications by the national class organization. Our favorite time for holding the World Championship 2017 would be September, to have enough time for the organizer to prepare the event and to find potential sponsors for the championship.

best regards

Jan Lechler
VP Championship IFDCO

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