Dear flyers 

The ones that regularly visit the website of Flying Duchtman Spain surely have noticed some changes, but today is now official. We have a brand new website!! (www.fdspain.com

Because the Spanish Flying Duchtman class is renewing outside and inside and intense work has been made by José Sánchez (ESP-69) and Guzmán Egea (ESP-11). We have made a redesign and reorganisation of the contents of our web so everyone that visits it can find all the information about the regattas, class rules and technical notes about the FD. 

The new website comes with a new design with a cleaner and clear aspect 

The objective? That functionality and aesthetic come together in a 100% responsive web that adapts to any device. 

We hope that you find the new web an space with an easy access with the all the information that you need. Any question comments and suggestions contact with us. 


Enrique Egea (ESP-66)

Secretario Nacional

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