I hope all of you have spent a nice Christmas time and you had a good New Years Eve. So I wish everybody a good and healthy 2021!

Probably we are all happy 2020 is over as we all had a bad experience unleashed by the Corona virus mentally and eventually financially. Towards the summer it all looked much better but towards the end of the year we all faced more severe regulations ending into a second lockdown. By now quite a few of us will have stories and experiences from friends or family close by that were touched by Corona. Besides the situation of the actual sailing I very stongly hope that we will come out of this situation sooner than later! Hopefully the vaccin will bring us what we hope. Also the higher temperature in the summer will help us.

As there was no World Championship the Committee organised the AGCM on the 8th of december 2020 by Zoom. As it was to complex to organize we had no National Secretaries meeting nor a competitors hearing. So just the more necessary decisions were made.

One big new thing might be that we made the plan to install a Flying Dutchman App. It will be financed with the money we saved with having less expenses in 2020. I think it is a great idea to install this as it will improve the access to all FD matters. It will represent the whole FD website. Even on the Worlds or Europeans instant decisions like postponements or results will be available very quickly. So I hope you all like this idea and we will be happy with it once it is installed and it will improve communiction.

Most of all I hope that when the conditions improve we will be able to sail again. Furthermore I hope we will be able to organize the World Championship in Spain in September as we need the positive input that this event brings in so many respects.

So for 2021 I hope for all of you that it will be a prosperous year and that I will find you in your FD with a big smile sailing!

Kind regards

Peter van Koppen


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