Lady FD Trophy

The Challenge is a crystal sculpture, showing a laser-cut image of the FD and of the World on a carbon fiber basement.

The Trophy has been presented in 2003 by the IFDCO President Alberto Barenghi to the World Championship in Melbourne.

The challenge is awarded to the first woman helmsman classified overall in the World Championship and passes to the new winner each year.

Besides the challenge, since 2008 two trophies are awarded by the IFDCO President, Alberto Barenghi, to the winner, helmsman and crew. The trophies are performed in crystal and show a laser-cut image of the FD.

YearWinner HelmWinner CrewNationalityPlace
2003Marleen van BallegooijenNetherlandsMelbourne (AUS)
2004Dolores Sanchez-HerreroJavier HigueraSpainWarnemünde (GER)
2005Peggy BahrTorsten BahrGermanyBalatonfoldvar (HUN)
2006Tanja HeijinkNettie van der ValkNetherlandsSt. Petersburgh - FL (USA)
2007Peggy BahrTorsten BahrGermanyMar Menor - Murcia (ESP)
2008Dolores Sanchez-HerreroJavier HigueraSpainNapier (NZL)
2009Peggy BahrTorsten BahrGermanyMedemblick (NED)
2010Sabina LutcanLupescu DragosRomaniaCostanta (ROU)