Use of cookies on the website of IFDCO

The website of  IFDCO  uses Google Analyzer cookies.
Cookies are small files stored on your computer when you visit our website. We use these cookies to analyse traffic to our website to

  • determine unique users
  • determine the geographical location of  our visitors
  • remember the number and time of current and previous visits
  • determine which pages are preferred or skipped by our visitors
  • determine the search engine queries visitors used to visit our website
  • determine the start and end of a session
  • determine and remember the browser and settings visitors use on our website
  • remember the value of visitor-level custom variables

This information is used to tailor our website to the needs of the visitors.

To ensure your privacy, Google Analytics is privacy-friendly.

  • A data processing agreement has been signed with Google
  • The data are encrypted and processed anonymously (Anonymise IP) and are therefore not traceable to individuals
  • The option ‘share data’ is off
  • The function for User IDs is not enabled
  • No use is made of other Google services in combination with the Google Analytics cookies
  • Data retention for users and events is set to 50 months. After that period, the collected data is automatically removed from Google Analytics

Are your personal data stored?

Information in these cookies is not converted to persons. Google cookies are online analysed with the software of Google. Information Google collects is saved on Google servers in the United States. Google can provide this information to third parties when requested for legal reasons or when third parties process the information on behalf of Google. IFDCO  has no influence on this process.

More information on Google’s privacy policy

You do not want cookies

That is very well possible. All browsers have an option in their settings to disable cookies. You can also install a Google opt-out plugin.
With this plugin enabled, your visits to websites using Google Analytics do not count for the statistics.

Facebook, Instagram and Issuu

On this website you see buttons and embedded code  to share or promote pages on the social networks of Facebook Instagram and Isssu. These code and buttons work on code provided by Facebook, Instagram and Issuu and place a cookie from these networks. To see the workings of these cookies, check your accounts on these networks.

In case you have a question regarding the use of cookies in our website please contact: the webmaster.