Dear FD sailors 


I hope you are all good wherever you are right now and that the ones that went to the Worlds were able to return back home safely. Please I need your help for 3 simple things: 


First, as I explained in the competitors hearing, I’m on the making of a FD sailing pictures and videos stock, so any picture or video you have, and you would like for us to have if you could send it to me via email or we transfer or any way you like would be very nice. Please note this will be used for social media and for different purposes. 

Second, it would be very important for the class to have all the regattas posted. This shows that we are an active class and will help gather new sailors. For this to happen, I would need a contact of a designated person for each country. That way he/she can send me the pictures and the chronicle so it could be posted on the IFDCO website, social media and in the bulletin. We plan on doing a bulletin for 2022 but I wont be possible if we dont have a certain number of reports to do it. 

Finally, if you have any account on social media that posts about FD, please get in contact with me so I can repost your posts and I can make sort of a database so we can make things together. 


Thanks a lot for your collaboration. Take care!! 


BTW my email is guzmanea@outlook.com and my phone number +34 680676615 


Guzmán Egea Aguado ESP-11

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