To all sailors:
Just received transport/container prices from the Netherlands to and from Cadiz for the Europeans in oktober 2024 in combination with the worlds in march 2025. The FD’s could stay there in between if desired as I understood. I can offer the one way trip Netherlands-Cadiz for 500,- euro/FD, based on 6 FD’s per container and price basis now. Subject to Tarif changes, availability of equipment, bunker prices etc. The return trip, either directly or later on also for 500, -euro/FD. This does not include insurance if desired. Furthermore this includes all costs except from a crane to lift off/lift on the containers at the yacht club. Maybe the yachtclub is having a boat crane which can do, that would be great, otherwise some additional cost would arise. As the yacht club is fairly close to the container port, it might be possible to use a truck with a side lifter crane. Will check that.
Loading in the Netherlands will be at my terminal OBM in Moerdijk, where I do have all the gear. Depending on numbers of boats, we can load the containers at different spots in Europe at additional costs ofcourse, like Budapest, Munich, Berlin, Steinhude or where ever.

So far for the moment, keep you updated.
+31 651236723

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