Dear FD sailors, what’s the matter with you? In 6 weeks we have our World Championships in Poland, in Gdynia on the beautiful Baltic Sea. In Central Europe, in midsummer! Only there are hardly any reports. If everyone only thinks of themselves or regionally, our beautiful class will die very quickly!
We currently have 25 entries,┬áthat’s shameful and so sad!
It’s not okay that Carlo, for example, stands up and says, “The Italian championship in S. Benedetto del Tronto will be the most beautiful and best regatta of the whole year, come all” and on the other hand all Italian boats are missing at the World Championships.. .
It is also not sustainable that e.g. the Croatian class, which is getting stronger every year, expects more boats in Pula, but none of their boats come to Gdynia…
AUT, SUI, CRO, ESP, GRE, GBR, DEN, UKR are currently missing…
CZE, HUN, POL and GER have far too few boats at the start.
So we don’t even have to consider next year in Florida, USA. There it would probably 15 participants…
Give yourself a jerk, FD sailors! Reports in Gdynia. The early bird discount is still working!

Rolf Albert

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