IFDCO President Election

Dear members of the IFDCO,

we received two nominations according to 6.6.5 our Byelaws for a new president of the IFDCO. Thanks to Eric Deleu and Peter van Koppen who are willing to become president! Please find their curriculum vitae below. 

According to 6.6.6 of our Byelaws we need a voting process. To make sure that all current IFDCO members can vote for the new president we will have a vote by email. 
From now on any IFDCO member is requested to vote for our new president.
Please send an email to generalsecretary@sailifdco.net with your preferred candidate as president (Eric or Peter) and your complete name, nation and IFDCO number till 31 of August 2019. 

Eric Deleu Peter van Koppen

Meike Greten, IFDCO General Secretary


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Official Video of the Italian Championship

Here is the official video from the Italia Champion in Cesenatico in June 2019. Gratulations to Nicola and Francesco Vespasiani for becoming (again) International Italian FD Champion.

Official Video of the german championship 2019 online

The newest video from the very talented young videographer, who already made some promotional videos for the Flying Dutchman class, is now online. It was filmed during the 2019 german championship in Diessen.


MUSTO Special offer for IFDCO members

FSA Segelsport (Alex Antrecht GER30) and MUSTO have a great offer for IFDCO members from the €-zone till June 11th:

20% discount on any MUSTO-product from the current MUSTO product-line plus shipping. Please send your IFDCO number, article number, color and shipping address by June 11th to info@segelsport-fsa.de

European Championship 2019 – entry open

We are very happy to announce, that the entry for the 2019 European Championship at Lake Balaton Hungary Sept. 13th – 20th is open now.

Here is the entry link.