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Update from Italian Flying Dutchman Class Association 5 (1)

The Italian Flying Dutchman class association is pleased to inform you that, on September 18 2020, the new Executive Council of the class was elected at the annual assembly of the class members.

The new president is Eric Deleu, a Belgian national, living in Rome, the vice president will be Nicola De Castro and the secretary Luigi Macci, reconfirmed in his third position.

The Italian Flying Dutchman class association would like to thank the former Executive Council for the extraordinary work accomplished. A big applause to Fulvio Colletti, true pillar of the class to whom the honorary presidency has been proposed and to Rinaldo Rinaldi whose commitment will continue both as a delegate in zone II and internationally as Vice-president for the organization of the World and European Championships .

Marina Price Regatta 5 (1)

Dear Marina-Price competitors!
It came to my attention that there is some concern about next weeks Marina Price Regatta at the Circolo Vela Torbole as there will be a very
big Optimist Regatta on the same days as the Marina Price organised by the Fraglia Vela Riva and the Arco sailing club.
These concerns were twofold: first question is how many Optimists can we expect on the Club terrain and the second question is how will things go on
the water.
After an extensive phone-call with Giulia Grosselli the regatta coordinator I believe that we will have a good regatta at the CVT for the following reasons:
There will be no other Optimists located at the Club for this regatta outside of the actual members of the Club.
On the water there will be a very clear separation of the race courses for the Optimist regatta and the Marina Price regatta in a notherly part (Optimist)
and a southerly part (FD and Contender). There will be no interference in the courses what so ever. Even if we want to make a morning race this will be possible as we will be able to go down south far enough. There is permission now to place any mark where we want it (not like last year).
So I hope this information takes away the existing concerns and we will all see each other on the beautiful Lago di Garda with good winds and weather.
Kind regards
Peter van Koppen
President IFDCO

Thijs Rutten 5 (2)

Saturday night, August 8, shortly before midnight our Honorary member and especially sailing friend Thijs Rutten passed away. Thijs was in hospital for a short time and fell asleep peacefully after a short illness. Our thoughts go out to his family.

Thijs, who has been a FD member since 1987, mainly sailed both national and international regattas with his brother Theo. Whether it was a regatta around the corner or on the other side of the world: they were there. Thijs was always there for everyone and has been the race secretary of our Dutch class for years. He enjoyed both racing on the water and the fun on the shore. Especially in heavier weather Thijs and Theo were in their element.

Raised in a large family, the brothers noticed a Hornet sailing on the water. Deeply impressed, the plan arose to sail one as well. They learned to sail in the Hornet by trial and error. They have sailed many races in the Hornet. After these experiences, the switch to the FD was a piece of cake. In the (at that moment) Olympic class Thijs and Theo were a striking appearance. Because their hearts were in the right place and their no-nonsense approach, they quickly became loved by everyone, also in the international field. Until shortly before his death, Thijs could enjoy all the stories and good memories. And if he could, he was happy to visit the regattas to lend a helping hand if necessary.

What a beautiful person we have lost! Character! …. especially in the Dutch FD…. And what a lot he has done for us.

Dear Thijs rest in peace.



Dear FD Friends!

I`m very happy to inform you that the regatta on our lake Achensee has a “go”! At the moment we are already organizing the regatta. And therefore I want to invite you personally to come!

Some of you will ask when? The regatta is from Thursday 13.08.2020 till Sunday the 16.08.2020. (FD)

Last year we have had almost 40 FDs and 40 Korsars on our lake. Due to almost 200 participants and good windy and sunny wetter it was great fun.

This year the regatta will be held together with the 22ft. UFO class. The UFOs will be in water all time. And we won´t have the Korsar class. We therefore have more space for more FD`s on land! And more space for us to party.

My personal goal are 80 FD`s,  I will spend free beer! ……… Come and join us!

Some people will ask about the corona issue. I talked to the government, and also to the Austrian Sailing Federation. And I can say following :

  • We are allowed to race the regatta on our lake in Tirol.
  • number of 200 participants are allowed
  • Excluded are the people for the organization, non-participants, home guests of the sailing club.
  • We have to keep distance, etc.

For those who need a room to stay, we kindly ask to book a hotel or apartment in town. Due to Corona, there are no rooms and beds at the sailing club available to stay over night.

For those who has a van, mobile home, etc. We are allowed to provide you a place during the regatta in our sailing club. Because of the corona I kindly ask you to send me an email with :

Mobile home / VAN / etc.

Length of your vehicle.

Number plate

How many persons

So that we can organize a suitable place for you.

We can conclude that 100 FDs are possible, if no UFOs are around. Therefore at the moment we limited the FD`s to 80 boats, and 160 participants. And keep 40 participants for the UFO-22 free. If there are more people which will come, then we have a waiting list. Maybe we have last minute places which we can give.

The risk of some corona issues (government rules and regulations) is too high, and we are not sure if something unfortunately will happen in August. That is why we decided that you don`t have to pay the starting fee in advance. And we do not charge extra on the starting day.

If you decided to come, then please register on our website. Than we know how much people will be there, and we know how much we have to organize.

If you do not register in advance, we will normally charge extra when you decide to come on the last moment / day. This is because of the organization of everything.

We will also charge the full amount plus extra if you register and you will not show up. This is because we have buy and organize everything in advance. So please send me an email if you have registered, and you will or can not come to us.

And, first come, first serve!

So the rules are clear, and nothing is in between to join the biggest FD regatta in Austrian.

Underneath there are some links which you need.

If you have some questions, please contact me: Paul((at))

Best wishes and see you in August

Paul Hullenaar

Regatta Sailing Club SCTWV

Ausschreibung / Notice of Race

Extra Unterlagen / supplement of NoR

Link Melden / Register

Link Meldungen / List of participants.

International championship of the Czech Republic 0 (0)

Dear sports fans, fans of the FD class,
this year’s international championship of the Czech Republic on September 11th – 13th will take place.
On behalf of the Flying Dutchman Association of the Czech Republic, I cordially invite you to participate in this regatta.
Here you will find a link that you can use to find the information you need including tender:
And here it is possible to register: Please register by August 30th, 2020
Petr Storch
President of the FD Association of the Czech Republic