Euroflying 19-21 Marzo 2015. Altea (422)Euroflying 2015 was held from March 19th to March 21th along with the Spanish Flying Dutchman Cup in Altea Waters, The CN Altea was in charge of organising a excellent event, as it always does.
Eleven FD from three countries attended the competition. Unfortunately weather did not accompany two first days (19th and 20th) and races had to be suspendend due to strong wind and persistent rain. Disapponintment of not sailing was compensated with a wonderful dinner offerend on the evening of the 19th offered by the CN Altea.
On the 21st, taking the advantage of a sunny day with wind ranging from 7 to 12 knots, four races were held.
Races were generally with very contested starts and ​legs​ until first ​buoy​, where leading​ ​boat​s​ would start to take a significant advantage. Races were dominated by GER 98, followed by ESP-69 and ESP-80.
Euroflying 2015 was finally won by GER 98 with Shmuel Markhoff y Michael Matscheroth as crew, while ESP-69 with Pablo Geras and José Luis Ruiz was the winner of the Flying Dutchman Spanish Cup.RESULTADOS_Euroflying 2015
Enrique Egea Moreno

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