Winners will be Grinners!

The winners of the upcoming Flying Dutchman World Championships in 2015 at the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron will undoubtedly be glad they trained hard and made the trip. Not only are they sailing from one of the best locations in world sailing, but they will also be rewarded by the latest sponsor with a beautiful Bausele Yachting watch each. Flying Downunder 2015 and the Australian Flying Dutchman Association are excited to be launching a new partnership with this fantastic new Australian watch brand.

Bausele – short for ‘beyond Australian elements’, each watch has elements of Australia in its crown – red earth, coal and beach sand, inspired by this great Southern Land, and made with Swiss precision movements.  To celebrate the partnership (and just in case you might not quite be in contention to win the Worlds) Bausele are offering FD (and other sailors!) the opportunity to buy online with a 15% discount at http://www.bausele.com and then enter the promo code: FDSYD15

Bausele.com watches


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