CARIBBEAN CHAMPIONSHIP only 13 completed entries so far; if you want to attend sent your entry-form asap to Rob Taal.

We received an email from Rob Taal announcing that he has 13 valid entries. Though several people reported him that they would show up on his event they didn’t sent him their entry-forms. Rob has spent an awful lot of time to arrange everything for this event. Everything is finalized to host the event. So he now asks the FD-sailors who didn’t sent their entry form to do this as soon as possible.

Entries so far; AHO-3, AUT-39, GER-12, GER-88, GER-113, GER-1820, NED-4, USA-3, USA-36, NED-18, NED-32, NED-33, MEX-126.

At least 11 more entries needed to continue the process of event preparation.

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