Since Largs we informed our members that we were in need of new executives. We advertised this in our Bulletin, face to face and on our website. We hereby post the outcome of the nominees. There are 2 nominees for President so if you are not present in Sydney you can sent your National Secretary your proxy vote, how to do this and who the nominees are? Press read more …

Dear IFDCO members,
As advised on 2014/29/09 and 2014/10/10 on our website the IFDCO has several board vacancies which are due for election at the competitors meeting in Sydney. We have recieved 1 nominee for: Treasurer, Peter van Koppen; VP-Cahmpionships, Jan Lechler; VP-Communications, Marc Strittmacher. Since there is only one nominee for those positions they will start their term after the Sydney-worlds.
We have received 2 nominees for President; Tony Lyall and Ronald Stalman, so a voting procedure for President will take place at the competitors-forum in Sydney.
The election procedure has been published previously on the internet and in the Bulletin, but we repeat it below to avoid confusion as there have been some recent queries:
“When an election is required by the Bye Laws it is to be conducted and concluded by a vote of all current IFDCO members present at the competitors meeting. The IFDCO General Secretary will act as the returning officer for the election and will advise the general committee of the result. The general committee shall then appoint the new members of the general committee in accordance with the IFDCO Foundation Rules. At any election a member may hold up to 5 proxies from other IFDCO members. Any such proxy shall be in writing and include an endorsement from their national secretary that all such proxies are from current IFDCO members with a valid and current membership card”.
Any IFDCO members not physically present must therefore send a proxy vote with someone attending in Sydney. Any such proxy shall be in writing and include an endorsement from their national secretary that they are a current IFDCO member with a valid and current membership card.

We regret that no other system is available for voting by sailors who cannot attend the worlds, and trust everyone can cooperage for the election of the new president..

Edward Cox, IFDCO General Secretary

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