Dear FD sailors,

the Worlds 2018 in Medemblik are standing in front of us. Thanks to the Dutch organization who is taking care of this event.

Our president Tony Lyall will stand down as president at the Worlds 2018.

With great respect to his work and the years he stood in front of our class I thank Tony for all his effort. His personal reasons are very understandable and are just showing his interest in bringing the FD class forward.

Please feel free to nominate any proper candidate who you think is the best person for the new President of the IFDCO. Please be aware of the following procedure for the nominations for this position which must be in accordance with our Bye Laws as follows with comments in brackets:

6.6.5 Nominations for appointments to the Executive Committee shall be made in writing to the General Secretary [generalsecretary@sailifdco.net] at least three months before the commencement of an AGCM [July 2018]. Each nomination shall be proposed by five IFDCO members from at least three countries and shall indicate that the person nominated has confirmed their willingness to serve in accordance with the Byelaws.

6.6.6 On receipt of a valid nomination to fill a vacancy on the Executive Committee, the General Secretary shall post a notice on the IFDCO website, together with a short curriculum vitae supplied by the nominee. Within one month the General Secretary shall notify the IFDCO membership of a vote together with a deadline one month later, and shall then tally the votes and post the results prior to the AGCM.

6.6.10 The president shall have been an active FD sailor and or a member of the General Committee with a continued interest in attending FD regattas and representing the class at ISAF [World Sailing].


All nominations along with correct number of proposers must be received by the General Secretary Meike Greten (generalsecretary((@))sailifdco.net) no later than Sunday, 1st April 2018.


See you all in Medemblik.

Best regards

Meike Greten

IFDCO General Secretary


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