The new Regatta series on the north side of the Alps.
In the heat of the day in midsummer when the temperature rises in Bavaria’s pre-alpine lands and one experiences nothing other than screaming masses of bathers around the region’s lakes, then it’s time to load the FD onto its trailer and to drive into the mountains. Not only on the southern side of the Alps are outstanding lakes with outstanding thermals to be found that provide ever better sailing conditions with increasingly improving weather. The north side of the Alps also fulfils all one’s needs: Above all the Tyrol region’s Achensee which, with its Karwendel Cup, has established itself as a large permanent fixture in the international FD regatta calendar.

The north wind through the Achen Pass, known as the ‘Boarischer’ (the Bavarian) builds during the afternoons over Achensee up to Beaufort force 5 or 6 and offers fantastic conditions beneath an almost unbelievably beautiful Alpine backdrop. With its Silber FD, the lake at Tegernsee and its somewhat lighter thermals have for decades offered a firmly established traditional regatta under the envious gaze of the many day-trippers from nearby Munich. Since last year the legendary Walchensee has finally become available for the FD class. Not the largest of the Bavarian lakes, but during hot weather the thermals blow at Beaufort force 5 from Herzogstand Mountain so that sailing conditions could hardly be any better.
In future, these 3 regattas will not only be individually evaluated, but results will be entered in conjunction with the FD Thermik Cup, which this year will be brought about through the generous support of WH-Gummi of Berlin. The winners’ names will be engraved on this challenge cup, which will be made of wood and silver – two materials with deep roots in the Tyrol and in Upper Bavaria – and designed by FD sailors and master carpenter Paul Bichler. Initiators are Paul Bichler, Sami Leitl, Marc Strittmatter, Christoph Zingerle and Philipp Zingerle. Winners of the Thermik Cup will be the crew with the lowest points-score from all three regattas. The sum of all voluntarily discarde results from all races entered, plus one additional, may be deleted from the overall performance. The best sailor from all three regattas therefore has the best chances at an overall victory. It is possible however to scratch one regatta entirely.

In any event the FD Thermik Cup certainly promises all participants much fun and outstanding sport in three high-class regattas at three delightful locations, with midsummer winds one can otherwise only wish for. For more info see here.


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