By tomorrow evening the term of nominating yourself as a IFDCO- board member to expires. So with less then 48 hours to go we once again advertise the vacant job’s: President, treasurer, vp-championships and vp-communications. It is heart-breaking to see that only one new name has popped up for vp-communications – Marc Strittmacher from Germany -. For vp-championships – Jan Lechler – and president – Ronald Stalman – we have two existing board members who want to for fill the duties attached to the job. But for treasurer no name surfaced – by now – to take over from Fred Schaaf. Read how to get yourself nominated by clicking the read more button …..The process for the election of the General Committee members was confirmed.  The positions of President, Treasurer, VP Championships and VP Communications all fall due at the upcoming 2015 AGCM in Sydney.  The committee itself has nominated Jan Lechler to continue as VP Championships and all expressed their support for him to continue.  Nominations are sought for President, Treasurer and VP Communications in accordance with the Bye Laws.  The procedure for the election of officers is as follows:

  1. In accordance with IFDCO Bye Laws 6.6.5, all nominations must be submitted in writing (or by email) to the IFDCO General Secretary, together with an acknowledgement by the nominee that they accept the nomination.  For a valid nomination, it must be supported by five IFDCO members from 3 different countries.  Nominations close 3 months before the AGCM in Sydney (i.e. by the end of September 2014).
  2. The details of all candidates and short details of their CV (relevant to the position) will be published on the IFDCO website in December 2014.
  3. In accordance with the Bye Law adopted in 2013 at the AGCM in Hungary, the election procedure will be as follows:

When an election is required by the Bye Laws it is to be conducted and concluded by a vote of all current IFDCO members present at the competitors meeting.  The IFDCO General Secretary will act as the returning officer for the election and will advise the general committee of the result.  The general committee shall then appoint the new members of the general committee in accordance with the IFDCO Foundation Rules.

At any election a member may hold up to 5 proxies from other IFDCO members.  Any such proxy shall be in writing and include an endorsement from their national secretary that all such proxies are from current IFDCO members with a valid and current membership card.


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