Dear Competitors,
There are going to be some slight changes to Regatta Inspection in Sydney. We are going to be continuing the process that we began at Largs , when we added a bit to the normal Regatta Inspection Process in order to answer a query from one of the manufacturers of FD’s who was querying whether FD’s changed shape with time and usage, and also to allow us to check the measurements against the published measurement forms. Press read more for the full story …..

This time we are looking at checking the Overall length, the stn 9 hull shape, the stn 1 hull shape and the Transom hull shape. This is partially to answer a request from one of the National Authorities but also to allow us to check more dimensions on the Measurement forms of all competing boats.

Note that we will be turning your boat upside down in order to check: Transom, Station 1 and Station 9 template against the hull. We will also check the stem profile.‚Äč

These checks will add a little time to the passage of each boat through the Regatta Inspection process, but we will have quite a big team at Sydney, we have lots of local volunteers, and will aim to keep the extra time taken down to a bare minimum.

We thank you , in advance, for your co-operation.

Kind Regards, John Best
IFDCO Chief measurer

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